Preview of Yung Berg & Jenna Shea Sextape

March 14, 2010 8

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  • i wishthese guys would get with some sisters. imean duh any one cam see that her ass is fake and she aint that cute in the face either. find a tbc u kno the real kinda and settle down

    • Jenna Shea is A GODDESS, all the peon bytches can eat the sh!t off da side of her bowl!

  • nino

    lol @ “shay”. what difference would it make if the chick was black? this is one reason i stay away from “sisters” because they’re such “haters” as one would say. u broads always miss the topic at hand -n- go straight for the fact that it’s not a black dude dating a black broad. shut that shit up already.

    anyway the chick’s bad in my opinion. sucks for his luck though. kid can’t get a break for shit.

    • I agree, and I’m part black myself. Black women can be serious haters. If you’re not darker skinned and you happen to be light skinned or white someone always has something to say. Jenna Shea is gorgeous.

  • modeljennashea

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  • Lc

    black men are drug dealers convicts or uneducated leave them for the white girls

  • mel

    Jenna is thick tough…. But we do have a shade problem. We’re too hard on the sistas; and I can see why they are upset. Im a dark brotha and very few dark sistas gave me the time of day, but thats not reason to dismiss what they are saying.

    They’re not all going to like me. Most men have been having a preference for lighter skinned women lately. but my sista is got an attitude, but you know what, she’s understand me.

  • Brown homey

    Y is it that ppl gta hate that jenas gtn hers? Some say her ass is fake, she’s white, she’s not pretty…… For real stfu. Truth is she’s a real person tryin to do her and gt hers off what she has. N real tlk is a mfkr like me would gv a Lil loot to hit her. Y not? Her body is beyond bangin, her face is sexy as fk, and her ass is beyond what is out there. Stop hating and let the she ain’t this n that tlk go…. Truth is once real mfkrs see her and her effort to get hers all we can do is focus on all the flaws of what we’ve bn fkn wit and wish we all knew a real go getter like Jenna. N truth to the REAL black woman out there …. Pay attn to her n her entirety….. Then ud b able to see y all us dont wanna fk w u.