Finally True

May 15, 2011 2

20110515-011243 Finally True

Finally after a year and 8 months wait were finally getting the Air Jordan III “True Blue” released in the united states. They were a European exclusive in 2009. And to add salt to the wound they were chosen over the AJ XI that we all love so much as his favorite shoe. But Let’s look at it this way the Jordan line of Nike wasn’t that great before the III’s we were even looking at Jordan’s as the footwear to have until 1988. Just look at the all the designs up until the III a.k.a “Pre-Tinker Time”. Before the Air Jordan III. The designs were more similar to the converse weapon that everyone was wearing the “Dunk”shape(Side Bar) shout out to Tinker. These are a definite must have not because they were released only in Europe but because this was the first retro Jordan wore in a game.

20110515-010921 Finally True

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