Download @Quilly_Millz – New Wave 3 (Mixtape)

July 8, 2011 10

The wait is over, the mixtape is finally here for those of you who didn’t or live too far to come to Philly and cop up. It’s my favorite mixtape out of the New Wave series. Tell me what you think after you listen to it and remember what site gave you the download link first.


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  • Phillyboul

    Mix tape was ass, his sound quality is the worst. He needs to switch studios or something!

  • MoneyMyke

    Sound quality sux that nicca be recordin in his basement or sudden & New Wave 2 was way betta this shit was litee he had niccaz waitin 4 nutin…luk out 4 haddy count daht money 2

  • @BWyche or @HipHopSince1987 on Twitter

    Im in Batcave Studios now with Quilly. That HAM (Haines And Morton) mixtape coming this summer. exclusive

  • Adrien Achilles

    yo man can you ask him wassup wit HSH5

  • forreal thought

    that mixtape was terrible you made us wait for that are u serious come on quilly it was like new wave 1 all over agin you made people pay for that. you was definitely on your marvel vs capcom 3 jawn i luv your music and defend it against many people but your skill level on this jawn was like 1/10 you better tighten up before ya wave crash and ya spot get took

  • Phillyboul

    Quilly needs to write about different concepts, the streets, money, bitches, etc gets played out after a while. Although that’s all he KNOWS, and it’s the only that that SELLS… I doubt he’ll switch it up. If this nigga record in BATCAVE then why you’re sound quality SHITTY??????

    • Mr.HHS87

      His new music being recorded in Batcave fam

  • Phillyboul

    Doesn’t matter it’s all going to sound the same, like his shit been recorded in a small ass basement on fruity loops pro tools.

  • sape215

    yo i dont know what people r talkin about sayin this cd was ass i think its the best one out of all the new waves i can play this right threw but the sound was ass it sounds like he was in a basement

  • So is this jay millz brother or jay millz? or is this a new millz all together? I’m not going to download yet. these comments are whack.