@80sBaby_Rick Afternoon Delight (#DayParty) Philly Edition Pictures

July 4, 2011 1

Untitled-21 @80sBaby_Rick Afternoon Delight (#DayParty) Philly Edition Pictures

Anyone who was at the event would tell you that they enjoyed themselves. I personally would like to see more DayTime Parties in Philadelphia. It was such a great turnout the event got extended to 11pm from it’s original ending time at 8pm. The atmosphere was social, cool, laid back, and comfortable. No fights occurred, no fights occurred and once again no fights occurred. Ladies were dancing and the $6 top shelf mixed drinks had everyone with a cup in their hand. This was a great event before the event. I normally don’t bounce from event to event on the same night but it felt good to leave one event while the crowd was still grooving and having fun for another event. I wouldn’t mind attending something like this every Saturday afternoon, especially if there are two floors, two DJ’s, an outside area, food, drink specials, BBQ, & a Tattoo artist in the building. You can’t beat that for $10.


Rick I think you need to plan some more Daytime Parties to Philly before the summer is over.

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