@BWyche Take on Carmelo Trade, Lebron’s Decision & NBA Powerhouses Influences on our Youth

February 22, 2011 5


I personally think this trade is not as bad. For one he is following Lebron’s footsteps. Lebron made the initial step years ago with Wade when they decided to sign a contract extension one year shorter then Melo did with Denver years ago.

Lets keep it real here people, the league is becoming a league of a few powerhouses who play teams that have no talent. We can all relate to playing a franchise in NBA 2K or Live (which ever one you prefer) and seeing the effects of signing good players and or trading for them after a while. Your team becomes so good on paper you win championships back to back and lose interest in that franchise.

Then you start another franchise this team with one great player or a created player (c’mon son we have all done it before) on a bum team. This was merely an experiment to see if we can lead our own team to the championship with some role players involved. If you deny doing so then you may have never played NBA 2k My Player mode. This is the mode where your created player goes through trainging camp, NBDL, left bench in the NBA, to role player minutes to eventually starting on a team you never dreamed of. The goal for most if not all is to win a championship while playing AGAINST the NBA elite superstars.

Now thats my video game analogy of the situation. Think about the real life affects of Lebron’s Decision and Melo demanding a trade to NY.


Who are their role models? Actors, Athletes, Rappers, Singers, & More

I have made this argument plenty of times on twitter, kids all over summer basketball leagues, high school basketball leagues and various other leagues will start to be spoil. When they lose in the playoffs if they make it, they will say to their parent or guardian who signed them up in the league or team to get them on the winning team. This steals the drive that Larry Bird, Magic, Wilt, Jordan, Pippen, Malone, Duncan, David Robinson, Clyde Drexler, and others all had.

You win championships on the team you are on. Its okay to have others join your team to help you win, thats why Im not too mad at D-Wade or Kobe. Kobe bitched a few years ago about wanting to play for the Bulls but Michael didnt.

Back to my point, your son who is 8 years old loses in his first basketball league and says to you that he wants to play for the winning team because his team lost. Are you going to sign him up just so he can get a trophy without having him work hard for it? Or do you give him a prep talk and make him work hard to get that championship THE GOOD OL AMERICAN WAY. WORK HARD.

Truthfully, this is the reason why our country is what it is today. I can easily relate this to anything like economics. The rich are buying out the competition, thus creating powerhouses and keeping the poor poor. Read between the lines people. The NBA was good when there were great games on NBC every weekend as a child in the 90s. This shit is about to be gay for real. The powerhouses will continue to go at it while newly drafted players will join teams that will never have a chance. And every once in a while you see young talent like the Oklahoma City Thunder create a buzz that will mess up this cycle. Young talent, great GM’s and scouts who see talent before they throw up great numbers on paper is the best remedy for this problem.

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  • U trippin…moses, wilt, clyde, pippen even jordan all played for multiple teams….it teaches the youth to go where your happen & have a shot at winning rather than just playing for stats…absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to win…the competitiveness didn’t change in any way…thts all tht matters…moral of all this is tht NO player can win alone…uit need help…if ya team won’t provide it take matters into ya own hands

    • bwyche822

      Pippen won rings on the team he left draft day on. He was originally draft by Seattle but traded to the Bulls on draft day. He only left to chase a ring because he was hungry and out of his prime so why waste years rebuilding with a team when you can join a team thats on a verge of being a champion. I would applaud anyone joining forces with great teams and powerhouses if they are out of their prime. But in their prime no, bring the competition

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