Did Fabolous Diss Drake & Plaxico Burress On “There Is No Competition 3”?

December 27, 2011 0

I don’t know if there is any tension between the two but look at the following quotes and you be the judge.

Drake: “So I’m going through her phone if she go to the bathroom and her purse right there.”
Fabolous: “We go in n!ggas mouths, i don’t know bout b!tches purses.”

Drake: “I’m just saying you can do better…”
Fabolous: “And whats up with this, ‘I’m just saying,’ sh1t? Who the f*** asked you? you shouldn’t be saying sh!t.”

Remember Plaxico once said accused Fabolous’ Street Family crew of robbing rap stars and professional athletes outside Manhattan nightclubs. Plaxico said he was carrying a gun that night in 2007 for protection.

Fabolous: “like Plaxi-hoe oops I mean Plaxico, talking about we get him rob, SHUT THE FUCK UP cheddar bob, you know the story nigga, come home and said his sob (story), gone be a hater cuz he cant find a better job, nigga at home feelin like he outta town, nigga on the field feelin like he out of bounds”


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