Kelly Rowland – Motivation (Remix) Ft. Busta Rhymes, Fabolous & Trey Songz

June 27, 2011 0

Screen-shot-2011-06-27-at-4.40.45-PM Kelly Rowland – Motivation (Remix) Ft. Busta Rhymes, Fabolous & Trey Songz

Nia Long introduced the prince of “baby making music” known as none other than Trey Song who is always “Ready” to deliver a sexually exhausting performance. Trey Songz serenaded viewers of the BET Awards 2011 with “Love Faces” while ripping his clothes from his upper physic.  Promising with his lyrics to give female admires more than the “usual,” he performed “Unusual” from his album “Passion, Pain & Pleasure.” Before going “down,” Trey Songz introduced Kelly Rowland’s explosive performance. She did not have to pay for Trey’s attention nor viewers as she provided an immense amount of sexual “Motivation” with her seductive presentation. “Just like a kid, who found some candy,” Trey Songz was “Ready” to get “down on his knees” to “touch” on Kelly Rowland & make “Love Faces” while “sweating out” her “perm.”

Kelly Rowland’s performance of “Motivation” was explanatory rather than subjective of her ability as a solo songstress. As the band “played in the background,” Kelly Rowland broke it down & lived beyond her promise to entice viewers. Her journey to becoming a solo artist has reached a new peek as she enthralled viewers, fans & her peers with her performance on the BET Awards 2011. She celebrated her “Motivation” & that is “As a Woman Thinketh.” She did not deviate away from her skillful purpose as she appeared on the stage & made more than her “mama proud.” Kelly Rowland cannot be stopped. She is not far from close to achieving personal stardom as an enticing lady that knows the difference between a woman & a lady. She is rightfully a star that deserves to be honored & celebrated for her contribution to not only Destiny’s Child but the world of music. Kelly Rowland stands out as an artist that can “last more rounds.”

Strong with self-reliance that defines rather than highlights her past circumstances, Kelly Rowland displayed that she has discovered her self-worth & that “you can’t stop it.” Conditioned to be motivational, Kelly Rowland regulated the stage with hidden messages of “brain storming” while forcing viewers to lose themselves in her “sweet n low” substance. She passionately entangled herself on the stage as she “turned that thing into a rainforest” with a new position as she held everyone’s attention “like a conversation.” There is no doubt that Kelly Rowland has released her spirit from stained obstacles & will reign with superiority as virtuous.

Trey Songz performed “Love Faces” & “Unusual” during the BET Awards 2011. Kelly Rowland made “legs quiver” with her performance of “Motivation” on stage for the BET Awards 2011.

Motivation (Remix) Ft. Busta Rhymes, Fabolous & Trey Songz

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