New Video Game Coming Spring 2011 Titled “SLAVERY” (VIDEO GAME TRAILER)

September 3, 2011 7

The game goal is to become the most powerful slave trader.

I thought this was a joke but its really a game and its coming to PS3, and  Xbox360 Spring 2011. Won’t express my personal feelings about this one. Im going to leave this one alone for you guys and gals to discuss.

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  • GG

    i tought we must kill all the makers & devellopers of this i can do it without payment..i swear it i only need her adress

    • In2012Don’tRe-Nig

      That’s right… show your true colors (or color). You disagree strongly and are offended; so your answer is to kill all the game developers associated with the subject which so offends.
      The thing about living in a country where you have freedom of speech, the press etc. is that you are virtually guaranteed to be exposed to something that i going to offend you. Personally, I’m offended by so-called “music” which glorifies violence, objectifies women, and is saturated with profanity. Doesn’t mean I’m calling for the death of every rap “artist”. I just don’t support it with my pocket-book.

  • Adrien Achilles

    how the fuck or why the fuck do you release a game like this, where’s the fucking logic?


    This game is being created to increase racism against blacks, promote hate crimes, and corrupt the minds of innocent children of all nationalities. The people who are creating this game are well aware of the fact that video games are the easiest way to get into the minds of children which are our future. These people are also aware of how addicting video games are and they know that many children can play video games for hours…and hours….and hours. ITs almost like hypnosis. Once a child plays this game enought they will begin to live it..and thats what these people want them to do. These people are racist and sick. They are promoting cruelty and racism because of their hate for blacks. Its really sad.

  • Coconoire

    Well I guess it’s only a matter of time before the Holocaust game comes out huh?….these people are pathetic!

  • wow

    who is the maker of this game so i want buy anymore of there games ever an push for my friends to do the same.

  • Melinda

    Easy not to get into these kids minds. Don’t buy it. If this is real, the only people who will buy it are probably already teaching rcism to their children. I highly doubt any video game company would be dumb enough to do something like this. I also think that it would be banned if it ever was released. Seriously, we have a black president…this ish will NEver fly.