Are the Miami Heat to Blame For the NBA Lockout?

July 1, 2011 0






It’s official. As of midnight today the NBA has joined the NFL and has locked it’s players out. Not even two hours in to the lockout  questions are being asked, fingers are being pointed and people are being blamed. Many have quickly pointed their finger to the summer of 2010 and Miami’s signing of the Big three and blame them. Are you kidding me?

Although I wasn’t rushing to the TV to see the “Heatles” perform, the Big 3 helped give the NBA’s it’s most profitable season in over ten years. The three star national tour sold out arenas every night, TV ratings were at an all-time high and two-time MVP Lebron James taking his talents to south beach and changing his number assisted in him having the NBA’s top selling jersey.

Yeah some owners are displeased with the power shift that is taking place in the NBA but the blame can’t be placed on three men. There has been knowledge of a possible lockout for over the last two years. Owners of small market cities find it harder to compare for championships because of team salary cap issues. Players and owners reps will be talking dilligently over the next few weeks but things could get ugly. I just hope we have a season.

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