Is Vince Young joining the Eagles? via (@eldorado2452)

July 27, 2011 1

With trade talks of current Eagles back-up quarterback Kevin Kolb taking the league by storm it appears the Philadelphia Eagles are extremely interested in signing former Texas Longhorn QB Vince Young.

The 28 year old QB has only played in 54 games since being drafted by the Tennessee Titans in 2006. After a rocky career in Tennessee it appears the Titans are ready to part ways with their former signal-caller.

Young and current Eagles WR Desean Jackson were training together during this off-season in California and could become a great combo in years to come. Young would be a great fix backing up Pro- bowl QB Michael Vick and that explosive Eagles offense. Young is due a $ 4 million roster bonus on the second day of the NFL’s calendar year with whoever signs him.

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  • chandler hammett

    I am writing on my cell so forgive 4 abriviations and mispells if vince goes to the eagles they will probably become the number 1 NFC team sure he has character issues but reid is good handling those types of players he is a proven leader and has won more games then lost plus the titans orginazation(fisher k collins cj2k) have all said how much youngs work ethic has goten better only the media is saying he is lazy I think being behind vick for 2 years will do to things 1 transform him into a complete player and two if vick gets hurt you are replacing him with another vick which will be a huge help and in 2 years if vick shows signs of slowing down or you really like VY you will probably get a high pick for 1 of the two so really you have nothing to lose sorry if my comment didn’t really make sense