@babyloncartel Tv Presents @GianniLee the “iTunes DJ” (Shot by @BabylonXCory) (Video)

March 24, 2011 0

giannidj @babyloncartel Tv Presents @GianniLee the "iTunes DJ" (Shot by @BabylonXCory) (Video)

I watched this video and Im ready for a battle. @GianniLee get at me. I practice DJ’ing from my crib all day long on my iTunes. Ask my girl Im the most annoying nigga ever because I stay talking in my @DJfnDamage voice. Watch the video of my homie @GianniLee DJ’ing from his iTunes. I say this should be a sport because we all love music and this is another way to display our passion without actually being a DJ.

[youtube Frq0jrhCbCA]

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