Floyd Mayweather Controversial Knockout Over Victor Ortiz & Mayweather vs Merchant (Video)

September 19, 2011 1

The 10 sec noise was made when the ref sent them to the corner. If the fight was in when he got hit then why we didnt hear the end of the round bell during the 10 count?????

The ref never made them touch gloves and the clock wasn’t running. The ref wrong for doing a 10 count when he wasn’t looking.

But how do u get knocked out when the clock stopped???

The clock was stopped and they were sent to their corners. The ref never made them touch gloves so anything that happened after that counts?????

This is not a street fight so don’t compare it to street fighting. There are rules and the ref didn’t follow them because Ortiz should of never got called for a ten count when the clock was stopped and they were sent to their corners.

The fourth round of this absorbing WBC light-welterweight title fight will be debated and argued over. It will divide opinion, as Mayweather himself does as a fighter.

Mayweather, who had started to dominate the contest, mainly with his right-hand lead, was caught on the ropes by Ortiz. As Mayweather covered up, ducking and swaying, the two fighters’ heads came close together and Ortiz headbutted his opponent. It was both out of the blue and shocking. It was also deliberate beyond question.

Mayweather recoiled away in shock, and referee Joe Cortez deducted a point from Ortiz, who went and planted a kiss on Mayweather’s cheek, hugged him and apologized. Cortez sent Ortiz to a neutral corner. It was a bizarre sequence that was about to get even more bizarre.

Cortez indicated that the point had been deducted. The fighters came together in the middle of the ring. Mayweather held out his hands, to touch, and Ortiz went to embrace his rival, again apologetic. As they moved apart, referee Cortez was separated slightly from them and was looking away from the fighters.

Mayweather saw an opportunity. Ortiz did not have his hands up. He sent out a left hook. It wobbled Ortiz. Ortiz looked at Cortez after the left hook. Mayweather threw a hard straight right. Ortiz went down. Cortez counted him out. There was uproar in the arena, with 14,687 in there.

Ortiz said: “He blindsided me. I’m not a dirty fighter. I apologized for the headbutt. There was a miscommunication in there from the referee. I took the break and obeyed exactly what I was told [by the referee].”

It was a contest in which Mayweather looked dominant, aggressive, measured and the fighter. He was dominant from the opening round. This is not the Mayweather who has been accused of being defensively minded.

It will be seen as an unsavoury finish from Mayweather, just as the headbutt was. Arguably, Mayweather took sneaky revenge, and was unsportsmanlike, but Ortiz should have kept his hands up.

Mayweather said: “In the end, you have to protect yourself at all times. His trainer accused me of being dirty, and he headbutted me. I won the fight. If we had a re-match I’d do the same thing. What’s the point in a re-match? It would just be the same all over again. Once I am in the square circle, I am in my home.”

It will remain controversial. It will be debated hard and long. The Ortiz team will demand a rematch. But they are unlikely to get it. Mayweather will move on. The bottom line here was that Ortiz took his eye off the ball, Mayweather kept his on the prize, fairly or unfairly.

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