@Saniyyah – We Run This Town (Movie)

May 1, 2011 1

[youtube f1A3epuqI78]

Probably the video everyone on your timeline is talking about right if your from Philly. And a big shout out to @SUNDYCARTER for all the retweets of this video link on twitter. @Saniyyah shutting down Philly Twitter with this video yall. Here go a few screen pics of the video for you fellas to use that lotion on lol

image216-1024x576 @Saniyyah - We Run This Town (Movie)

image124-1024x576 @Saniyyah - We Run This Town (Movie)

image312-1024x577 @Saniyyah - We Run This Town (Movie)
Screen-shot-2011-04-30-at-12.29.12-AM @Saniyyah - We Run This Town (Movie)

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