Fabolous – So NY (Lil Wayne Diss) (Fire Shots At Other NY Rappers)

September 14, 2012 13

Fabolous - So NY (Lil Wayne Diss) (Fire Shots At Other NY Rappers)

Fabolous is back, and what better way to spark buzz then to diss Lil Wayne, throw shots at other NY rappers and more. Here goes the hook dissing Weezy after Lil Wayne said he doesnt like New York. He also calls out New York rappers including Diddy, 50 Cent and Jay-Z.

“So NY.” “I’m so New York, Weezy probably don’t like me,”

“You gotta go to L.A. if you lookin’ for Diddy/ You gotta check CT if you lookin’ for Fiddy/ Ni**as in Paris, but what about the city?”

“No Diddy, no Dupri, no Dr. Dre, no Cash Money from Baby and no Rocs from Jay and I’m still here”

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  • @_cdiddy


  • Lamine

    OK !

  • Jaavion

    Notice how not a single person responded to his diss, He is irrelevant in the game!

  • htown nick

    that nigga fabo is like the wrost rapper to ever breath

  • htown nick


  • skymiller

    You guys are retard, fab goes hard he killed em niggas

  • Him

    You guys are all hot like he’s dissing you or something. The truth is he’s one of the best right now. The streets don’t lie haters!!

  • LNO

    Y’all reetards(spelled how I’m saying it) fab go in on every track n they don’t respond cause they want no work. Yea they heard the clues

  • dezy

    Idk bout y’all but all those rappers are garbage besides Jay-Z. Like for real weezy fell off, fifty fell off, fab was never a factor he just famous 4 spelling his name, and diddy famous 4 Biggie and dat retarded ass dance but jay z like da best 4real but let any of these rappers respond fab gonna get chewed up

  • SoloDojo

    Fab is the head of NYC even if Jay claims to be. The only rapper to call Lil Wayne on his hating BS. Jay is just as bad as Kanye is. People are just on Jay nuts because of the money he has.

  • SoloDojo

    By the way go give The Soul 1 & 2 a listen if you all want to say he’s bad. While you’re at it go give The Funeral 3 a listen too! YM is only the same category as Chief Keef.

  • it’s not dissing you twats

  • We all know ones wayne drops a response fab’s gon wish he wern’t born. He asked for it!