Light Up The Streets: LA Gears (@LAGearOriginals) Making A Comeback via @eldorado2452

June 30, 2012 2

LA Gears

The Ruler’s back. LA Gears, the pioneers of the light up foot week are back. Did you ever have a pair of light up shoes? Not the Jezign version that somehow got into select retailers, or an at-home project with Air Maxes, but the REAL original illuminators? Back in the late ’80s and early ’90s L.A. Gear shook up the sneaker world with their flashing footwear. After an extremely limited released in 2009, today anyone who wants a blast from the past, or just something to really stand out, can pick up a pair of L.A. Lights in adult sizes! Check out the detailed photos of the retro Gears, and a full colorway lineup after the jump. Light it up today in a pair of your own, exclusively from

LA Gears

LA Gears


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  • gina

    I want these..where can i buy them

  • rich

    Actually, the Jezign technology is better in my opinion. I dont want my shoes to go blinky blink when I step. The Jezign joints had an on/off button and the lights didnt flash, they just stayed on. Dope.