Enter To Win Tickets To See ASAP Rocky, Diggy Simmons & Tyga In Philly This February

January 28, 2012 37

ASAP Rocky, Diggy Simmons & Tyga are coming to Philadelphia in February and HipHopSince1987.com is giving you a chance to win free tickets to their shows. Three lucky winners will win a pair of tickets to see either ASAP Rocky, Diggy Simmons or Tyga.

ASAP Rocky will be performing at the TLA 2/8/12

Diggy Simmons will be performing at the Tower Theater 2/18/12

Tyga will be performing at the TLA 2/28/12

To enter the giveaway you have to:

  1. Leave a comment on this blog post telling us what artist you want to see, and why you deserve to see him. 
  2. Follow @HipHopSince1987 and tweet “Follow @HipHopSince1987 to enter to win free tickets to see ASAP Rocky, Diggy Simmons and Tyga 
  3. LIke the HipHopSince1987.com Facebook Page

Tickets will be given away the night before each show.

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  • Adrien Benoit-Andros

    Diggy Simmons, because his music is good and i can take a female with me to go see him

  • Joy McFadden

    I would like to win tickets to see Diggy as a gift for my cousin who has been accepted to Philadelphia High School for Creative and Performing Arts (CAPA)!

  • William Jackson

    A$AP Rocky…he’s tooo dope, i know every single one of the nigga songs. I deserve to see him because i’ve been plottin on this show since he’s announced it. Plus, i visit HHS1987 everyday..Faithfully.

  • Efua Osei


  • Toya

    Diggy! I wanna take my little cousin who loves him!

  • Reaya

    I want to go see A$AP Rocky, I deserve to go see him because I moved out here to go to school and haven’t been to a real concert yet. I have missed all my fav artists concerts that are in Detroit because I’m out here to better myself. Plus he has that vibe that reminds me of Bone-Thugs-N-Harmony, I can turn him on & just study.

  • Andria Langston

    I would like tickets to all of them so I’ll give reasons for each 🙂

    1.) I would like to go to Diggy’s show because I misse

  • I want to see Diggy Simmons because I actually am Diggy’s BIGGEST fan in philly! you know i have to go hard for him if he knows me just because of my twitter. I DESERVE THIS! you can even check out my twitter and see my favorites and how hard i go for him!

  • I want to go see A$AP Rocky! This will be my first time seeing him live. I love the story behind his music… all the way from his mother’s love for Hip Hop (naming him after Hip Hop Legend Rakim)… to his confident swagger. His crew ASAP is def. an upcoming force in the music industry… & its refreshing to see talented artist like himself surpass barriers and reign supreme. SOOOO yea. Thats why i want the tickets to see A$AP Rocky Live! Plus i NEVER get to get out… and Live Concerts inspire me. lol 🙂

  • Reek Havoc

    ASAP Rocky tickets cuz I had my ASAP Tatt since 07 (Ask Somebody About Philly) and I like the homie music.. So c’mon Wyche wassup!?!?

    • @BWyche on Twitter

      Somebody won already and they asked not to be disclosed on twitter.

  • tyga tickets cause i would give them o my sister she love tyga she supports him it would really make her happy to meet tyga she deserv it

  • Simone

    Diggy Simmons , because he is one of the Best artist out right now and ihave the biggest Crush on him !

  • Methany

    I would love to see Diggy Simmons in concert. His music is amazing and I can’t tell you how great it would be to hear it live. He’s a real inspiration to me.

  • Eiman

    I want to see Diggy Simmons because I’ve love him ever since he was on Run’s House. I support everything he does and I’m a true Jetsetter for life. If I got to see him in person, words can’t even describe how happy I would be. I wouldn’t even be able to breathe. His music rocks and I listen to it all the time. I can’t wait for Unexpected Arrival to come out!

  • Tazhane

    I Want To See Diggy Simmons Because I Love Him So Much And We Are Alike In Many Wayz We Are Both Cool And Laid Back And I Think He Will Like Me Because Im Real fUNNY And Fun To Be Around and Now i have to stop here because Not one brilliant word on this planet would explain my love for Diggy<3
    -A True Jetsetter<3

  • nakea morris

    DIGGY !!!!! Beause i know everythinga bout him. i love his SWAG his MUSIC and ALLL !!!! if anybody deserve these tickets its meee !!!!!!!if you ask me anything i know <3

  • nakea morris

    DIGGY !! Because its all about his MUSIC & his TALENT !!! <3 and its only JUST BEGUN its me who deserve them …….

  • Nuwar Ahmed

    I would kill to see Diggy Simmons live. His music is tight and his lyrics really speak to me. Being able to see him while he’s rapping would make my life. It would be a once-in-a-lifetime chance for me. Please, pick me. That would be amazing.

  • Ananda Knight

    I would like to see Diggy Simmons because I have always been a big fan of him and his music. I have been a fan of Diggy ever since he stared on the show Runs House. Also I want the tickets so that I can surprise my friend who is really in love with Diggy and his music as well. My friend and I have so many Diggy posters on our wall and we know all of the words to his songs/raps. My friend is always there for me in the hard times and buys me things when I don’t have the money, I never have the money to repay her because I don’t have that much money. It will make my heart happy if i can surprise her with this. Also i believe Diggy is a true inspiration to all teens and His music makes since and has meaning. Diggy makes everyone feel accepted and is just a great person.!

  • Hager Mohamedein

    I would really love to see Diggy Simmons in concert. He’s my favorite music artist ever. I’ve never been to a concert before because my mom never believed that music was a good choice for a career. But I convinced her that my dream of being a singer could actually work out. I showed her how well it worked for Diggy and she supports me now. Diggy Simmons is my inspiration. I wish I could buy my own ticket, but we just got our car stolen and I don’t have money to spend on concert tickets. I appreciate everything Diggy has done for my life, and I would like to thank him in person, or atleast be able to cheer him on at one of his concerts. Thank you so much.

  • Shanique

    Tyga. Because he is very inspiring to me and he makes me want to follow my dream more and more everyday. He makes me love my strength to never give up.

  • I wanna see tyga and the reason why I deserve it is becuz the last contest I entered was 4 diggy simmons and I didnt win and I was actually entering that 4 my mom and I felt so bad and If I win this one than I could take my mom to go and see tyga and maybe itll cheer her up I just feel so bad 4 my mom cuz she didnt win the ones 4 diggy simmons,so plz I hope I win it:)

  • mariah

    If I was worthy enough for free tickets I would want to see all three artist because I like them all in three different way. I deserve these tickets because it would be nice to get some excitement in Eugene. Also, my man would just shit himself, and I love a laugh :).
    Tyga isn’t just one of my favorite rappers, but he gives back to community. Talking to your high school to talk to them after a fatal shooting. Amazing!. If I ever became big I would always put my people first. I would love to earn those pair of tickets, it would put a big ass smile on my face

  • ladon

    Hi i biggest fan i love all your song And you

  • ladon

    I love you diggy

  • raquyya

    i want to see diggy because i never get to see really anyone ive been begging my mom to get tickets but concert tickets ,for really every celebrity i like,be so high and i cant get them reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally want to win

  • raquyya

    i for got to add one thing i know im not gonna win so why even try

  • simone

    i think i should win because thats all i ant 2 be is a raper n a singer ever since i was little n ever one told me i shouold go c them but i dint have no monye to c tyga diggy or asap rocky
    plz let me win thanks n love yalll guys

  • shantrice

    I would really love to see Diggy Simmons in concert. He’s my favorite music artist ever. I would like to have this ticket because my birthday may 4 in the concert may 5 in this would be a good gift. Diggy Simmons is my inspiration. I use to grow up watching Diggy on runs house please im asking you for this ticket.

  • OMG Im can’t choose…it would be just a blessing to have one of either artists tickets!!! Especially because my birthdays just around the corner and i absolutely love all three artists!!!!!!!!! My itunes, phone, and ipod are full of them all !!!!!

  • I love diggy cause he’s his own and his music is great

  • i really would like diggy to come to my house and bring me conerts trickets to mindless behavior

  • i will happy if they came to maston illnois and gave trickets on sauk trail the house in the middle

  • Diggy is my favorite rapper I want to be as independent as him I sung 4 letter word on youtube but I took it off cause I didn’t think I wasn’t that good

  • Diggy I. Sung 4 letter word on youtube and I madly in love with him not because he is rich but he is who he is and stardom never changed him

  • jadon

    I want to see Diggy Simmons because i am a fan of him and he has a good personality and he is soooo cute.