Meek Mill References Rihanna On Dreamchasers 2 (Lyrics Inside)

May 9, 2012 5

meek-mill-references-rihanna-on-dreamchasers-2-lyrics-inside-HHS1987-2012 Meek Mill References Rihanna On Dreamchasers 2 (Lyrics Inside)

Remember when I gave you the Top 3 Reasons Why I Know Meek Mill Is Dating Rihanna and many of you said “he reaching”, “he looking too deep into stuff” well if you’ve heard Dreamchasers 2 then you might have caught the few bars directed or mentioning Rihanna. Then the week before Dreamchasers 2 releasing, Meek & Rihanna were photo’d at the same strip club in New York for one of his many birthday bashes that week. And just recently Meek Mill tweeted something that could be possibly Rihanna related.

“Boy I got your favorite singer really tryna fuck tonight” on the “Intro”.

“My new young chick look exactly like Rihanna, ass like Nicki but she yellow like Madonna” on “A1 Everything”

“My diamonds flashing like a camera, my whip sound like a monsta, my bitch got on that shit, she got a million dollar sponsor” on “Everyday”. Rihanna has recently signed an endorsement deal with Emporio Armani in which she has a few commercials for their lingerie and denim line.

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