The Top 5 Philly Artists Right Now!!!

May 2, 2012 185

flyer-print-front The Top 5 Philly Artists Right Now!!!

No Im not naming the top 5 Philly artists but I would like for your opinion and your top 5 list. Why? Often I find myself in debates or discussions with others in Philly over Philly’s current rap scene, or someone from out of town who wants to know, people from other blogs, artists’ managers wanting to do a collab with a hot Philly artist, and more asking me “who the hottest artist in Philly right now?” I try to see what their intentions are so I know what artists name to give them because in my mind there is no clear “he the hottest in Philly right now hands down” (besides Meek Mill). Then a short discussion or debate may come following my indecisiveness.

As usual the topic comes to a halt when this statement is thrown out there, “Name the top 5 Philly artists right now (not including Meek)“. Yup a real mood changer, instantly people start to think and say this is hard (well at least some people). Then after a few names get thrown out, opinions are shared, whether its “I agree” or “naw he whack” for this or that reason. There is no clear answer which leaves room for debate.

Some more questions to ask yourself when your naming your five artists is … off the top of your head name one song they have without looking at your phone or iTunes (I never thought that was a problem until someone questioned me about an artist I named and couldn’t name a song off the top of my head).

Sidebar: Now think about the amount of mixtapes and material they have put out compared the the number of hot songs you just named. (Just think about it, Im not going in depth on that, thats another topic.)

Cool so you named a few artists and some of their songs now name your top 5 Philly artists right now (not Eve, Beans, Will Smith, but more current and active rappers).

Then name your top 5 based off buzz, talent, movement, and who music you prefer to listen to on your down time (for example when driving, riding the bus, working out, while your cleaning ya crib, and other times throughout your regular life day).

This list should include the artist who, when their music drops you download it that initial day or two, you go purchase their mix tape in the first week, who’s video you watch more than once, who stands out to you, WHO YOU ARE A FAN OF (not necessarily a dickeater but a fan of, yes I had to make that clear because there is a difference).

Please leave your Top 5 list and any reasons why in the comments section below.

Note: Everybody’s list and reasoning will be different because its based off opinions and everybody’s opinion and take on music is different.

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