The Top 5 Philly Artists Right Now!!!

May 2, 2012 185

No Im not naming the top 5 Philly artists but I would like for your opinion and your top 5 list. Why? Often I find myself in debates or discussions with others in Philly over Philly’s current rap scene, or someone from out of town who wants to know, people from other blogs, artists’ managers wanting to do a collab with a hot Philly artist, and more asking me “who the hottest artist in Philly right now?” I try to see what their intentions are so I know what artists name to give them because in my mind there is no clear “he the hottest in Philly right now hands down” (besides Meek Mill). Then a short discussion or debate may come following my indecisiveness.

As usual the topic comes to a halt when this statement is thrown out there, “Name the top 5 Philly artists right now (not including Meek)“. Yup a real mood changer, instantly people start to think and say this is hard (well at least some people). Then after a few names get thrown out, opinions are shared, whether its “I agree” or “naw he whack” for this or that reason. There is no clear answer which leaves room for debate.

Some more questions to ask yourself when your naming your five artists is … off the top of your head name one song they have without looking at your phone or iTunes (I never thought that was a problem until someone questioned me about an artist I named and couldn’t name a song off the top of my head).

Sidebar: Now think about the amount of mixtapes and material they have put out compared the the number of hot songs you just named. (Just think about it, Im not going in depth on that, thats another topic.)

Cool so you named a few artists and some of their songs now name your top 5 Philly artists right now (not Eve, Beans, Will Smith, but more current and active rappers).

Then name your top 5 based off buzz, talent, movement, and who music you prefer to listen to on your down time (for example when driving, riding the bus, working out, while your cleaning ya crib, and other times throughout your regular life day).

This list should include the artist who, when their music drops you download it that initial day or two, you go purchase their mix tape in the first week, who’s video you watch more than once, who stands out to you, WHO YOU ARE A FAN OF (not necessarily a dickeater but a fan of, yes I had to make that clear because there is a difference).

Please leave your Top 5 list and any reasons why in the comments section below.

Note: Everybody’s list and reasoning will be different because its based off opinions and everybody’s opinion and take on music is different.

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  • Kayson Jones

    My top 5 Philly artist Mike Knox(very consistent) Young Chris(Lyrically, nobody fucking wit em) Gillie Da Kid( He been hot). Chic Raw(This nigga hot) Black De Niro

    • 2dopeboyz

      I’m not from Philly so i believe im not tainted by the clear politics that go on in your city. There are a bunch of talented artists in Philly but it seems to me that you guys base rap off everything but the music?!?!?!?! Just because you put a lot of money and backing behind a guy doesn’t make him more talented than the next man. Just because your neighborhood stands behind you doesn’t mean your hot. Some of these showcases i see artists performing that fill the seats rather than the best artists. If it’s about money then I see nothing wrong with that but it’s SUPPOSED to be about talent at the underground level. The people who seem to have influence in the city all have their own artists interest in mind first and as long as that continues the music scene will continue to be the same. My top 5(No Order)
      1. Sugar Tongue Slim
      2. Tayyib Ali
      3. Redi Roc
      4. Newz Huddle
      5. Young Savage
      *Tone Trump def but for everything but rap.

    • PinkyPR

      Tiana Victoria (Dopest Female in The City Lyrically) , Newz Huddle (Originality, Flow and Content), DanaBlack55st (That Mercy Verse had me Sold), Ehos (Great Flow) and Al 1thing (Very Dope)

  • 1Black Thought 2.Hollow Man 3.Vodka 4.Crakk 5.ENess

  • Doo Doo Brown

    Vodka, Chic Raw, Da Kid Chizz, Chill Moody, & Kre Forch


    Its suppose to be new artist

  • vic

    D.jones / Da Culprit / Kannon / Joey Jihad / Yong Rome

    • @BWyche on Twitter


  • UptownSnoop215

    Young chris/gillieTheKid/Fchain/quilly/Hyspeed

  • Taj

    Well me of course, then its Meek ( he too hot ), Quilly ( bars for days ), Da Kid Chizz ( thts my man i fuck with heavy ), Cloudy Junior ( he’s lyrically nice )

  • Lamar

    Chase Allen,Nyce Bryant, BonesHR,West Phila Clout,Dosage

    That’s Who I think The Top 5 New Artist Right that my opinion who I think deserve It

  • My Top 5 rite now would be 1.Young Chris 2.Quilly Millz 3.Neef Buck 4.Joey Jihad 5.Young Hot I would’ve put Nh or Chic raw in there but they still havent dropped that Grand Marq mixtape yet so i havent heard some songs from them in a while. Young hot up there because his last two mixtapes was flames.


    Did anybody even read the blog post It said excluding meek and the vets..smfh

  • H


    Young Chris
    Harold Taylor
    Peedi Crack
    Reed Dollaz
    Chic Raw

    • @BWyche on Twitter

      Who is Harold Taylor?

  • LoudLife215

    1.Kre Forch
    4.Chic Raw
    5.Black Deniro

  • Rome

    Chic raw Gillie Chase Allen Peedi Crakk Oschino! Top 5!

  • Cam

    seriously??? nobody is going to put Reignman aka Izzie Fareal on their list? Next 4 are arguable, but Reign should be on everyone’s list!

    • @BWyche on Twitter

      thats the bull from that old MTV battle show?

      • mmillions24

        lol @bwych

  • Binks

    Chill Moody, Young Savage, Pate, Newz Huddle, Leemazin.

  • hip hop

    Ree Chong, Moi Chiefs and PV(of Pearl Gang).. they the only ones doing something original right now(HIP HOP). Peedi Crakk for OG status and Meek Mill on account of money

    • @BWyche on Twitter

      who is Pearl gang?

  • Fred

    Nyce Bryant, Newz Huddle, Pate, Redi Roc, Dosage

  • Reese

    Top 5 is Philly Chase, Meek, Young Chris, Gillie, and Kwiz

  • Tha God will

    Meek Mill. Young Chris, Redi Roc, Nyce Bryant, Chill Moody.

  • Nayo

    Top 5

    S.I.R @RoyalOGSir
    Pearl Gang
    Young Chris
    Meek Mill

    • @BWyche on Twitter

      Not SiR from Skeem Team?

  • young savage is the best hands down! check the views, etc. But the truth is no one wants to acknowlege the buzz that he and ICH has in Philly!

  • Mally

    No order: Neef Buck..Quilly Millz..young chris..Ar-Ab..Redi Roc

  • Maday

    Newz Huddle , brasco , Pate , Chill Moody, Chic Raw

  • Justin

    1. Quilly Millz
    2. Pop Fresh
    3. Young Chris
    4. Chic Raw
    5. Haddy

    • @BWyche on Twitter

      who is pop fresh?

  • Tuck

    Shout out to everybody doing they thing in Philly, Its a couple artist I like. But if my man Pate (@SpaceHighPate) aint on ya list, it gotta be cause you aint never hear em. Go to and get familiar, and I guarantee you switch up that top 5 a little bit. The Movement Moving #SpaceHigh. And Reez (@ReezSHP) make every single beat. Best producer in Philly. You wont dig what Im telling yall unless you hit the site though.


    OBVIOUSLY SOME FOLK DIDN’T READ THE PART OF THE ARTICLE WHERE IT SAYS NOT TO INCLUDE MEEK OR THE OG’S so anybody wit Gillie, Peedi, Black Thought y’all list is void. Even tho these artist are dope. Some aren’t even BUZZIN right now HONESTLY

  • Mann46st

    Meek, Chris, Spacehigh Pate, Neef, Redi Roc

  • Will Penn

    Newz Huddle leen bean Theodore grams young savage chill moody

  • Getit_howyoulive

    I like young Savage, but he more for the youngsters, but my man put me on to this Space High and Ape Gang squads a few months ago, and Ive been putting everyone on my block on. Philly is in good hands

  • Lew

    Rediroc….Chill Moody….Santos….Newz Huddle…..Leemazin

    • @BWyche on Twitter

      Santos a rookie tho

  • Bobby

    Quilly Mills, Chill Moody, Pate, Lee Mazin, Chic Raw

  • FastassJim

    Doseage, Chill Moody, Pate, Al 1 Thing, Redi. All different sounds, all dope artist.

  • 1. SiR (Grind/flow/songs/Marketing)
    2. O.C.D (Originality/flow/style)
    3. Redi Roc (Streets on lock – over AR-AB due to his ability to make songs)
    4. Young Savage (Hustle/Flow/Songs/His Team)
    5. Chill Moody (Buzz/style)

    Everyone named State Prop niggas and Meek SMH Read instructions…

  • Dosage, Chill Moody, Chase Allen, Koby Murphy, Atar’e GodSpeed

    Lyricism, Song Concepts, and Intangibles made this list for me

  • HipHopConniseur

    Clout, Flash Amorosos, Dosage, Theodore Grams, & Pate (My Personal Favorites)

    Young Savage, Chill Moody, Lee Mazin, Dosage, & Pate (I’d say has the most buzz)

  • Brezzy

    Best kept Secret!!!
    1. F-Cannon (Mile High)

  • Tuck

    If you dont know who Pate is, or what this SpaceHigh shit bout, click any one of these links and get yaself familiar in a matter of 3 mins. Bars on Bars, and every beat was made by Reez. Your Welcome (Cold Hearted Video)
    (We At The Pit)
    (I do this)

    Any one of these will put you on

  • Tuck

    “When you gotta cut ya man off, or cut his hand off, for disrespecting what you stand for, now its a stand off….and if its Him or Me, in memory of Him, believe, cause I aint got the energy, for friends thats really enemies!”

  • Top 5 Philly ARTISTS…(Not Just Rap)

    From looking at this list I see a lot of misguided answers. Not a shot at nobody just an observation. Let me first define “Artist” with the best definition in the dictionary.

    Artist – a person whose work exhibits exceptional skill.

    Keyword – EXCEPTIONAL

    An artist practices, progresses, performs, and each project reflects those. If you can’t perform and rock a crowd you’re not an artist. You’re just a rapper. If you have a buzz for years and fall into the shadows, you’re not qualified to be considered a top artist.

    With that said, my Top 5 “Artists” in no special order.

    Pate aka @SpaceHighPate
    Jade Alston @JadeAlston
    Beano @JustBeano
    Newz Huddle @NewzHuddle
    Chill Moody @ChillMoody

  • Top 5 in no order is:

    Gille (buzz is crazy right now)

    Ar-Ab (He got the streets)

    Rediroc (He got the best team)

    Daddy-O (He’s the most Creative)

    Lee Mazin (She has a crazy fan base right now)

  • KHEMIST is definitely on the rise…one of the hottest mixtapes out! #D2WR!!! Hosted by Black Thought (some of yall top 5)


  • Drew

    Yall niggas is trippin! KHEMIST has to be on that list. He has flow is ridiculous. His lyrics are street, poetic, and just crazy. Khemist, Chill Moody, Mic Stew, Selina Carrera, Dosage


    Tone Trump …can’t deny his work ethic. His hustle and Afghan featuring Jeezy is a huge record.

    Young Savage talented, young, stage presence, has the young crowd on lock

    Chill Moody has had big songs. Radio play. Big opening shows. And is working.

    RediRoc face of APE GANG … Reps the streets n makes good street music.

    5th spot to me is open. I feel like I-Know Brasco, Newz Huddle, Pate could all earn that slot.

  • TruthTold

    In No Particular Order, My Philly Fav Five On The Comeup! #markmywords

    -Young Savage
    -Zay Billz
    -Chill Moody
    -Lee Mazin

  • PocketsOnSwartz

    Ok I just saw the top 5 link On Twitter.
    when you talk about top 5 I look at how Great they are all around. I’m surprised nobody mentioned Philly Chase…. To me hes the complete package, Songs, Flow, Hustle, he has more views and a bigger following then just about all the rappers mentioned. I’m thinking maybe because he’s new! idk but yall need to check him out, hes taking off! anyway….

    But All around Talent My list is
    5. Gillie
    4. Young Chris
    3. Cassidy
    2. Black Thought
    1. Philly Chase

  • TKIK

    Make Sure u check out I-Know Brasco. His upcoming project They know I-KNOW features artist u guys are naming. Here is his latest visual

    I-Know Brasco @iknowbrasco SINGLE “SAY ABOUT ME” (Video)

    • @BWyche on Twitter

      Sco and the promo post lol. I aint mad at you

  • PerfektTiming

    Michael F (MileHigh)
    Young Savage
    Chill Moody

    No Order

  • sheed58

    My top 5 are as follows
    Clout ( versatility,songs,flow,bars,star potential)
    Pate ( bars,nice flow)
    Newz Huddle ( nice flow,hooks)
    Al 1thing ( versatile,bars)
    Redi Roc ( best trap rapper)
    Honorable mentions:
    Dosage ( haven’t heard enough music but great performer)
    Flash Amorosos ( havent heard enough music but like what I’ve heard so far )
    Dana Black

  • The Sheff

    To me all most philly rappers sound the same, still talkin bout the same shit!! Drugs, Guns, Bitches, Blah Blah blah! And outside of Meek really I just about gave up on Philly Rap! The only ones that really made an impact Beans, Eve, will smith, meek, Freeway, Young Gunz, Peedi, O, Black Thought! I can go on. But when you go around that alot of the rappers still stuck on that smack dvd shit! No songs, just corner raps! But I came across a couple that really brought it back for me! And Yall need to check them out if you haven’t heard them!!! Young Savage = Because he’s young and talented. He has sick punchlines, and a nice flow! Still need to hear more from him as far as a single but he’s on his way! And this new cat I just heard his song with Meek and Gillie on Batcave website Philly Chase. Once I heard this nigga I was blown away, then I started digging and found his videos and he is all around great. Songs, flow, Punchlines and his videos are the truth. Ya’ll can fillin the other 3 spaces but Savage and Philly Chase got my vote all day, No order!

    • @BWyche on Twitter

      Philly Chase got a mix tape out?

      • Sheff

        I searched Philly Chase does have a mix cd it’s called the wake up call I don’t know if he dropped it officially. But this is what I came across.

        • RealPuppetShit

          honest question is he top 5 in Philly when you had to search for his mixtape?

      • Pretty Boy Floyd

        CTFU @BWyche Comments lol!! Real shit, half these niggaz I never seen on hiphopsince1987 site! I’m from Delaware and The niggaz I do fuck wit and def buzzin out here!!

        5. Joey jihad Barz for days
        4. Ar-ab He just a cool ass nigga
        3. Philly Chase I heard his shit on the radio years ago but niggaz talkin bout him heavy out here
        2. Gillie the KOP gets alot of love out here
        1. Young Chris Kill shit everytime he comes out here!

        Pretty Boy

  • Sandy

    5. Gillie
    4. Young Savage
    3. Yazz
    2. Philly Chase
    1. Lee Mazin

  • kellee byrd
  • 1.Al 1 Thing (Style,Confidence,Versatilty)
    2.Pate (Vocabulary, Punchlines,Delivery)
    3.Chill Moody (Grind,Determination,Song Making Abilities)
    4.Dana Black (Distinctive Voice,Vocabulary, Wordplay)
    5. Stil pending….

    I based this off of overall talent, grind & motivation. All these niggas have great work ethic & projects you have listen to from top to bottom. (Chill Moody) has the most projects to date. I just got put on to (Pate) w/ his last album & that was a great project & the production was amazing. (Al 1 Thing) is in a genre all by himself a rapper/singer/song writer who can actually sing & flow with sounding like an emo ie. (Drake). (Dana Black) has that voice pause it if need be but real music lovers know what I’m talking about. Alot of cats can spit but if u 25 & sound like you going through puberty nobody is taking you seriously. & besides that the overall delivery is confident. All 4 of these niggas have different styles but in my opinion right now they are best in philly “actively”

  • Grizz

    Dana Black
    5 Grand

  • stizz

    michael f.
    myke kewl
    cuda bang
    al 1 thing

    • @BWyche on Twitter

      who is cuda bang?

  • Young Chris
    black thought
    dice raw


  • Drew

    KHEMIST #D2WR (Hosted by Black Thought of The Roots)

  • JR

    Check out Clout featuring Pate ” Get Around” 1of my favorite songs from a Philly cat

  • JR

    Oh shit my list is

  • hip hop


  • G

    (No Order rap)

    Newz Huddle
    I-Know Brasco
    Young Savage
    Dana Black

  • Mugga_marley5

    Michael F (Milehigh) !!

  • ArtDealerChic

    Flash Amorosos
    Sy Mosquiat

    • @BWyche on Twitter

      Sy Mosquiat got a mix tape out?

  • Rel

    Michael F. ~ song writing abilities/ Real music
    Rell dot ~ street hard/ flows and great songs
    cuda bang ~ different approach to music/ own lane
    myke kewl ~ style, originality.. artist
    MILEHIGHMAFIA. ~ everything they’re not/ strong movement

  • the186

    Michael F
    Myke kewl
    Wise Vega
    All displayin the creativity, outstanding lyrical content, with the ability to represent the true meaning and embodyment of past and future hip hop meet. Each artist has a unique and captivating style deliver and thought process. The are Forefathers of the future hip hop culture #inivative #artists #DOPE

  • SonyEvolves

    If you’re looking for an artist with versatility, great content and can be relatable outside of Philly just as well as in then NEWZ HUDDLE is it!! Follow him on twitter @NewzHuddle n @TeamNewzHuddle!!

  • Top 5 in Philly right now!

    5. Ricky Rude- This dude is underrated! wtf is wrong with yal? 100,000 views! how can yal deny that? he’s crazy!!! yal know he’s from philly right?

    4. Peedi Crackk!- Idk if yal forgot but this nigga still have potential to take the game OVER!! Jayz still fuck with him and all! He’s def. TOP 5

    3. Daddy-O- This nigga has to be the most underrated artist in philly! Its gonna take someone like kanye, andre 3000 or eminem to make yal realize that he could be one of the best! originality is crazy!

    2. Tech 9- DID YAL FORGET ABOUT TECH FUCKIN 9?? Just bcuz he battle niggaz don’t out him in da top 5??? wtf type of shit is that? Tech 9 is going to different states holdin out city down!!! He’s #1 in da U.S in battle rap right now!

    1. Meek Mill- I know i wasn’t pose to add Meek but i can’t name da top 5 with out naming Meek! He open da door for philly hip hop! I gotta throw him in there bcuz he’s still in these streets! S/O to Meek putting da city on his back!!


  • Reef

    Talentwise(No order)
    -Al 1thing ( he can rap & sing a lil can write hooks)
    -West Phil Clout ( mixtape Mean was slept on & probably the best I heard come out from Philly all around in a minute.Has lyrics,songwriting skills,flows,substance & style,great hooks)
    -Asaad (has good lyrics + feels and releases a shitload of music all of which has been quality up to this point
    -Pate ( crazy bars/lyrics and a consistent sound I would like to hear more subject matter & hooks tho)
    -Bones (Dope flows,work ethic,puts out consistently good songs)
    Buzz wise: Young Savage,RediRoc,Chill Moody all of their music is just OK in my opinion tho

  • To keep it real i think the inner city hustlers have the best group of talented rappers in Philly! Young savage is the best rapper in Philly right now hands down!

  • 1.boneshr
    3.dana black
    4.chill moody high pate

  • I definitely see some misguided posts. But I won’t debate. My Top 5 Artists (not just rappers) at the moment are:
    1. Michael F (MileHigh) – his current mixtape #Not2BeFdWit is one of the best I’ve heard from Philly in the last year. His lyrics are a lot more creative than a lot of other artists and his musical versatility puts him in the top.
    2. Chill Moody – his buzz is great and his single “My Eyes” featuring Cody Kahmar is one of my favorites.
    3. Cody Kahmar – he is the best male vocalist in Philly hands down. If someone else can compare, please let me know lol.
    4. Selina Carrera – she always kills her performances, she has a nice amount of buzz in the city (she’s done tracks with Gilbere Forte etc), and she’s also one of the most creative. Her vocal and song writing abilities outshine a lot of other artists in the game.
    5. The number 5 spot is hard because there are a few people that deserve it including Newz Huddle who is beginning to get a nice buzz with his single “Billions”, also BonesHR is doing his thing, I really like his single “What You Hatin On”, also Lee Mazin and Lean Bean have a nice amount of buzz and are really on the come up as well as Suzann Christine who’s also a very talented singer in the city. Vixion Allure is another artist who can take the number 5 spot, her style is something Philly hasn’t seen. And Last Donna is also another very talented female in the city but she’s very slept on. Hopefully that will change soon.There’s a lot of talent in Philly, I can keep going these are the few artists that popped into my head first…

    • @BWyche on Twitter

      sounds like artists you deal with

    • Tye James is an amazing vocalist as well

      no shade to Cody, but Tye is a BEAST vocally

  • In no particular order:

    (MEAN is undeniably one of the hottest tapes to drop in recent months. The variety on the tape is nuts. And did you see this? “Get Around ft. Pate”, arguably the best video to come out yet this year. Download that. The visuals for all Star Enterprises work are the best in the city, who shoots for them?…)

    (The Spacehigh movement is crazy. LIL, Reez, Pate and the rest are killing it musically and they’re offering some of the hottest visuals out right now, shouts out to Reez on that and the production on all Spacehigh music, and if you were at that Abstract Thought: The Crates show, you know how much support Spacehigh has in this city)

    (Hustler Records is doin’ their thing right now. Bones is featured on damn near everyone’s project in the city, seriously. Grit’s Substance tape was very nice, B.Lee is killin’ these websites and if you haven’t listened to that Late Night with B.Lee project, go ahead and download that. And the presence they have in the city when it comes to events and parties is crazy. You’d be hard pressed to find someone in this city unfamiliar with Hustler Records.)

    The Show
    (I included my man @TheClassPrez because of this new Concierge of C.O.O.L. album. I’ve been listening to it a lot recently and it’s truly some quality music. I can’t wait to begin work on some visuals with the Concierge of C.O.O.L. himself.)

    (Grand has been doing his thing in this industry since some of you youngins were still in grade school. He kills all his features and has undeniable skill on the mic.)

    Flash Amorosos
    (Flash has one of the most unique styles of anyone in Philly. If you didn’t hear that I Hate Ni**as tape then you really are out of touch with music in this city. Flash arguably has the most swag in the city. Did you watch that “It’s What I do” or “Smoothen it out” video? C’mon now. Show me two better songs/videos and I’ll show you my surprise.)

    I know that’s 6 but I’m Fun Zach and I don’t give a fuck. Thanks for the opportunity to express my opinion B.

    • @BWyche on Twitter

      Zach keep it to 5 lol

  • Shaun

    My top 5 #Hands Down
    *Philly Chase
    Young Savage
    Lee Mazin

  • Clout – versatility ,songs ,flow,bars

    Flash Amorosos – has a sound ive never heard b4 , versatility

    Pate – bars,nice flow

    Chance davis – Very diffrent from most philly artist

    young Savage – Barz ! ! !

  • SCJ

    My Top 5 philly Rappers
    Trel Mack
    Philly Chase
    Flash Amorosos

    • @BWyche on Twitter

      who is trel mack?

  • Court

    Michael F: Ingenious lyricist, Mix tape #Not2BeFdWit is the best in Philly , creates real music, he is a true artist …

  • Keya

    Top 5
    Michael F
    Myke Kewl
    Chase Allen
    Bones HR
    NP Franks

    • @BWyche on Twitter

      who is NP Franks?

  • DatDude

    My top 5 would have to be in no particular order:

    Chill Moody

    Newz Huddle

    Lee Mazin

    I Know Brasco

    and that 5th spot up in the air. I would say trump but I consider him to be an ol’head. But Id probably put Chris Vance (Philght School and how he puts on for other artist in the city) or Savage (Grind)

  • Cliffy

    1st off before I get into my top 5 I wanna say yall need to read the fuckin post before you post. They said NO BEANS, EVE, WILL SMITH AND NO MEEK MILL!! Now, I took all day to look at all the artist you niggaz was talkin bout. And half of yall must be they’re cousins! Cause the quality and content, versatility and potential to be great was not there and to me thats what makes a nigga eligible for the top 5! They must Actually Be able to be successful in the Business, not around they’re way. Ok so with that being said I know I just eliminated 90% of everybody’s top 5.
    5. Young Savage I feel the kid has great potential. He needs a lil more polishing and experience and I feel he can be great for the teens. he has a nice following and his videos are of good quality. Even his sound. “Work em” is the song that won me over.
    4. Gillie tho he is a veteran To Philly I feel like he is def someone not to sleep on. I am not a fan of his current music, but his grind and potential i am a big fan of. I feel he would be a much better ghost writer but that’s just my opinion. Blow my high ft. Beanie is my fav out of his new material
    3. Cassidy Why do people still sleep on Cass I have no idea but he is forever one of Phillys Elite! And it would only take one song to put him back in the top 2.
    2. Philly Chase and this was a hard decision. I saw him a few times in peoples comments and decided what the HELL why not just see what they are talking about and before I go in I am the worst critic I swear lol. I don’t care who you are if your trash I won’t fuck wit you period. So I came in like who the fuck is this nigga? I already had in my mind I wouldn’t like him and I think that is what shocked me most. I saw this video “white noise’ he just dropped. First of all the video is amazing and well put together!! the best shit I’ve seen come out of Philly see for yourself
    Its real music and its good enough to be on mtv, bet right now. Then I went on and checked out Nite Lights it’s more of a pop sounding track so at first it thru me off but again, great video and he killed the fuckin verses. Also he can sing! and the video had like 35k views in like less then 3 months. Then I was like there is no way he can have songs any hotter then those I just saw. But I was wrong YOU RIGHT ft. Meek and Gillie Was Craaazzzyyyy!!! I’m not a dick eater or a band wagon rider I’m a realist. And I’m tellin you see for yourself the nigga is next. He can make songs, spit hard tracks and has great videos and can sing! The only downside is he has no mix cd out yet. And he needs more street buzz. But I know for a fact if he gets those 2 things. He will be next.
    1. The Number one spot to me! Is up for Grabs!!!

    • @BWyche on Twitter

      nice write up

  • Ms. Maine

    Not In Order
    1. Young Savage – His buzz and grind
    2. Chill Moody – I like his music. Its mellow and he has a buzz
    3. Rediroc – He has a lot of energy and a movement
    4. Newz Huddle – I thought he was a signed artist when I heard him
    5. LeeMazin – she has bars for a girl

  • Da Mayor

    The top 5 ARTISTS on my list all make good SONGS.

    Redi Roc is like Philly’s Jeezy he makes good songs for the trap.

    Pate is super lyrical and his songs have that West Philly streets essence.

    Chill Moody is making good music he can spit and he can make songs for the chicks.

    Young Savage can spit for his age hes making songs and he has a huge market because of his age.

    Newz Huddle is making alot of great songs. He has the catchy hooks and flows. He’s really lyrical and can make songs for the ladies and the streets. He can rap in every lane, probably the most balanced artist out.

  • B.Amber

    Mike F.
    Chill Moody
    BB Rodriquez
    Myke Kewl
    Jade Alston

    All these artist are still considered underground
    but they are in my opinion HOTTT!!! They’re voices
    are captivating, the delivery is always on point and
    they’re lyrics always speaks the truth and is their
    testimony… GOOD MUSIC!!!
    steady grinding. I see yall!

  • Honestly, I’ll give it to

    Mic Stewart, he’s grinding hard around the country.

    Clout & Flash Amorosos, they have the craziest work ethic and the eloquent sound that’s missing from Philly hip-hop..

    Jay Saif, he has the flow, the singing voice and the production that can give you either a street sound or an r&b sound, and he’s taking over Batcave Radio little by little.

    and Cazzie Jetson, he has the production, sound and unique flow, and he’s racking up features with hip-hop’s up-and-coming artists such as Smoke DZA, Big K.R.I.T., Kendrick Lamar, etc.

    • Definitely agree w/ James’ list. Never heard of Mic until today, but after a listen to his newest mixtape, I wholeheartedly agree. I would’ve said Snap “Is Far Out”, CEO of 2Cocky2Care Ent. They have an ever-growing fan base, crazy stage presence, and Snap’s delivery is the most distinct and unique I’ve heard since Freeway.
      Cazzie Jetson is definitely my #1 out of Philly. Most slept on lyricist/producer out of ANYBODY y’all discussed on this page. Sample game off the charts, profound storytelling/lyrical ability. Can’t wait for his summer album theMighty.
      SirPHresh recently posted…pV_PHresh: Whatchu know about using bread slices for burger buns? #theStruggle Profile

  • Ima go wit just yung bouls for this, young sav, chill moody, teddy grams, bd & tike nd ground up

  • Ashley Sharae

    Top 5 for Philly!
    Michael F
    Chill Moody
    Bones hr
    Dana Black

  • Clay

    Chill Moody
    Newz Huddle

  • J

    Newz Huddle
    Chill Moody
    Young Savage

  • Dj

    Theodoroe Grams
    Newz Huddle
    Chill Moody
    Young Savage

  • Don

    Dannie Phantom
    Flash Amorosos
    Young Savage

  • Tone

    Young Sam,Redi Roc, Dosage, Chill Moody, Nyce Bryant

    Personally I Think Nyce Bryant is On of the Rappers That’s up&Coming artist upon the next few year i really listen to his hole MixTape Industry Music its really good if you ask me I think the Bul is a dope Mc’s he breaks down a lot on his latest MixTape giving y’all all sides of music with the rite camp behind him I thinks he will make a lot of noise also on the city

  • @BWyche on Twitter

    NEW REQUIREMENT DONT MENTION A RAPPER WHO HAS NO MIXTAPE OR VIDEO. Ive been blogging for 4+ years now if I think I have ran across a lot of names, and if I never heard of you and or blogged about you before then you can’t possibly be in the top 5.

    • Carmen Amare – GOT BARS!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is all.

      Nino Fertelli – hot as hell from south philly but he underrated.

      Cazzie Jetson – making quiet ass moves under all of philly noses, including the Big Krit project he got coming up!!! he a nice ass producer and song writer.

      Armon Jordan – making moves too and he underrated like hell, was in a lot of cyphers!

      Lee Mazin – popular and gotta fat butt

      Jay Saif – most underrated artist from west philly. he write his shit and produce his shit!! and he 20x better than that chance davis boul shit u keep puttin on here. check his music tho. smh.

    • Pretty Boy Floyd

      I second that shit!

  • AmeenLady

    No order
    Ar Ab….he funny as shit
    Redi rock…nice beats
    Chill Moody….cuuurly topp
    Miz MAF…i know dat nigga trillllaaa
    Kre forchy….gorillaz

  • I been fuckin wit dem street spittas niggas for a min
    Miz MAF ….quickfix
    Hommicide…hardest artist/best New artist
    Ar Ab
    Redi roc
    Black deniro

  • Kazual

    1. 2Cocky2Care
    2. Kidd Fresh
    3. Shawn E
    4. Jay Saif
    5. Sy of Mosca

  • savage
    jay saif
    lee mazin
    kidd fresh
    reek ivan

  • Mike

    philly chase and that is all. yall sleepin and its cool… FOR NOW!

  • Not counting State Prop members or Meek..

    The only cats I’d sign right now

    Chill Moody
    Ape Gang as a whole or a bunch of solo artist
    I Know Brasco
    Toss up between Newz, Al 1thing & Dana Black..

  • Cesar

    1. Young Hot
    2. Reed Dollaz
    3. Joey Jihad
    4. Tone Trump
    5. Philly Chase

  • Pretty Boy Floyd

    I’m from Delaware And these the only niggaz I hear about from Philly and they get love From Chester all the way to Dover.

    5. Quilly
    4. Gillie still get love out here
    3. Philly Chase I heard him on the radio alot and down in lower MD.
    2. Young Chris Killed it out here
    1. Freeway

    Pretty Boy!!

  • @_cdiddy

    Ok enough is the fuck enough! I read thru 117 comments and the fact remains that majority of the top 5 artists yall named couldnt fill a fuckin burger king with free ppl let alone paying consumers! The top 3 movements in this city are Ape Gang, People Like U$ and Space High who all have flagship/standout artist so you must start there! So first 3 we got Rediroc (should be #1 on everybodys list), Al 1Thing & Pate (check dat complex list)!!! From there who has a buzz or a cosign enough to generate some paper??? DOSAGE! He is lupe’s protege for a reason and the best performer hands down Excluding NO ONE! That leaves one spot! I would say its a toss up b/w Dana Black (no bias) and AR AB but due ti AR’s tenure and popularity I would give it to him. So my top 5 is (in order):

    1. Rediroc
    2. Dosage
    3. Al 1Thing
    4. Pate
    5. AR AB

    And BE CLEAR in terms of actual ability, range and versatility NO ONE IN THIS CITY OR THE EAST COAST CAN TOUCH AL 1THING! Its a reason why 8 months in he’s so far ahead and in demand compared to other acts. He’s street, fashion forward, can sing and harmonize AND is an incredible song writer. Those who arent believers now will be when Street Pop drops this summer! Tuck ya shit in

  • My folks told me they threw my name up.on this jawn….I fucks with the support but yall ain’t have to tho, I see yall…so I had to come check this list out n im not shocked…what yall base list off of? Popularity? Who got the most family members? Who wear the most Murray? (Fake jewels) Who claim they doing the most…im just asking cause when you start talking bout longevity n tangibles how can u not mention STREET SPITTAS ENT.! Niggas bout they business on BOTH sides over here! Out of state shows, traveling, branding, videos, awards, and songs! Philly top 5 list is right cause most artists yall naming careers never PAID A TOLL!! niggas never left phila county…my main man down right now won best New/hardest artist matter fact FREE HOMMICIDE! WE TALK IT! WE LIVE IT! WE SPIT IT! For more follow @mizmaf @streetspittas @j.Payps and log onto and see what da fuck im talkn bout!! Its the muthafuckin MAF!!
    Miz MAF recently posted…Behind The Scenes: Meek Mill (Feat. Rick Ross) – I’m A BossMy Profile

  • 1. The SHOW aka theClassPrez
    2. Chase Allen
    3. Bones Jones
    4. Young Savage
    5. ……

    Diva recently posted…LIVING ON THE ROADMy Profile

  • Redd

    Honestly I wanna see the white bawl Mikey Conway on this list. He def an emcee, witty story to tell and he lyrical as shit!! Just heard his mixtape “life’s a roller coaster” on datpiff. Was impressed

    • Julez

      Yea Mikey Conway mixtape was dope, he on his way. Philly got a lot of talent. But they don’t work together.

  • Julez

    Now listen to Conway an tell me he don’t deserve a fuckin buzz

    Last words , visual-

    Life’s a roller coastar – mixtape

  • A&R_B

    I agree with C.Diddy that RediRoc is #1 as far as buzz goes,
    Dosage is a great talent & has a great performance I ‘ve actually seen him open up for Lupe but he lacks a definitive project IMO ,I’m new to Al 1 thing but from what I’ve heard he is pretty versatile & he has a shot.AR-Ab I’m not a fan he has no commercial appeal & that is a big part of what this business is about he doesn’t have the it factor,I like what I’ve heard from Newz Huddle he has a unique style,& Pâté has a strong movement from what I can see and strong lyrics I haven’t heard a radio song from him though.WestPhillyClout is 1 of the most versatile artists I’ve heard I actually listen to his project in rotation he’s 1 of the most polished & industry ready ,I also like Bones Jones he is also industry ready IMO both need bigger followings though,Chill Moody has a good buzz but no radio ready songs other than My Eyes which Kody Khamar carried but he does bring a nice alternative to the Philly scene.I can’t narrow it down to 5 so my 7 are (no order)
    Bones Jones
    Al 1 thing Newz Huddle Dosage
    I pick these artists because they are the ones from which I’ve heard up to this point that would have the most commercial appeal with the way the industry is today,they are the most all around polished as well as marketable.

  • 129 comments in & I’m pissed I read all of em. Call me bias cuz I can’t get thru most CD’s without frisbee’ing but right not now based on my iTunes in no order I gotta go with
    *I fucks wit Newz too tho*
    Reading this feed I just learned about 20 new rappers & you cant possibly be in the top 5 if the average dude NEVER heard ya name before. I aint even seen a RT on Twitter for ya mixtapes. No disrespect intended but talent is pointless if you’re invisible.

  • Katrina

    Ground Up
    Chris Vance
    I-Know Brasco
    Newz Huddle

  • I-Know

    First off. To everyone that out me on they list. Thank u. I am not here to debate anything. Alotta the artist y’all named I have worked with and respect. S/O to Newz, Chill, Pate, Redi, Bones, Dosage, Ryshon, Mic Stew, Young Savage, Santos, Lee Mazin, Miz Maf, Al 1Thing…. Keep pushin. Any artist that feels bitter over this list. Pull ya fucking skirt up n just work harder. Get onto these blogs. Do videos. Shows. Showcases. Drop music. A video of u on YouTube rapping don’t make u hot. Niggas is out here working so catch up or quit. No political talk and no bragging. Niggas that’s working know what’s up n they don’t trip off this. And for those who was naming niggas y’all know have no stats. Encourage them to work harder. Cuz it’s gon take more than a commen post on this great site to get them buzzin. Like I said. S/O da artist working. THEY KNOW I-KNOW late May ……. GONE

  • J

    Philly Chase – (Its only a matter of time b4 yall realize wha this city had all along) I don’t know if yall sleepin under a rock or what? WTF, This is your Wake Up Call. Never to late to become a fan
    Cassidy – ready for the renassaince
    Reed Dollaz – straight spitter


    Thanx to everybody that put me in their list it’s definitely appreciated for those that haven’t yet download my mixtape #MEAN here
    & search my name on this very site & catch up to my campaign

  • mmillions24

    niggas on here just putting people they deal with not keeping it a bean cause on some real shit half of theses niggas yall name dnt got no hits like bwych said and also its a lot of niggas yall name that got buzz but lyrics is ass

  • 717

    It’s all good and well ya’ll are naming Philly rappers but there are some in the 717 that need to be noticed that can easily be placed in yall top 5s, Check out Regular Reese and also Triz…lyrically, they can take over..Below are their mixtape listings and videos

    Reese –


  • These are the TOP 5 Rappers in Philly to me and its not in an order but this is me keeping it 100 and leaving off anybody who had a deal before…

    Chic Raw
    Kre Forch
    Young Savage or Lee Mazin

    I can honestly say all of them are talented and I enjoy listening to them.
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  • This is Order

    1.Isis Da Saviour

    2.Gillie Da Kid

    3. Meek Mill

    4.Young Chris

    5. G.R.E (GoldRush Ent)
    Check them out on youtube type in Gold Rush ent
    They nice

  • AnonymousThomas

    This whole ranking system is too biased and probably a lot of crews/subgroups are adding their people into the mix. Also there’s a noticeable divide in the “Old Philly” vs. “New Philly” rappers. Not hard to see how people are ranking their groupings. So without being biased or hating on anyone, here’s my TOP 5 Philly Rappers RIGHT NOW:

    1. Redi Roc (T.R.A.P.)
    2. Dosage (3D11)
    3. Neef Buck (Forever Do Me)
    4. Chill Moody (West Chilly)
    5. Antwan Davis (Beyond The Music)

    These artist have their own style and content varies from street to global issues. They’ve also put out consistent projects and online content with regards to relevance.

  • Dylan, Dylan, Dylan, Dylan & Dylan…he spits hot fire
    WhiteMikeOz recently posted…Coming Soon: RICO, MITCH & ACEMy Profile

  • N my honest opinion I would have 2 say up n comin artist
    1 SPACEHIGH PATE( not bcuz dats my man he nicer den yall!)
    2 STIZZ APE GANG( seems like he kno how 2 handle the hype)
    3 LEEMAZIN (great voice n fan base)
    4 YOUNG SAVAGE (he could help a label on charisma alone, mite get annoyed with his voice fast)
    5 SPACEHIGH LIL/ CHILL MOODY (we mite b da 2 diamonds n da rough!)


  • I really think that every PHILLY ARTIST should NETWORK & stop being so fucking sensitive… I’m only naming the Top 5 Philly Rappers that caught my attention & made me want to continue to listen & watch them because of their Sound, Swag, Buzz, & Potential…. There are plenty of DOPE artists from Philly that I like a lil bit but they just haven’t kept my attention to the fullest & there are also a lot of Philly Rappers that I haven’t heard of yet maybe because they’re TOO FUCKING BORING OR TOO POLITICAL!!!!

    1. YOUNG CHRIS- Because I think that he’s the best lyrically in the city & he has been getting busy for years & he’s not even 30yrs.old yet… I wish that he hurry up & make a HIT cause he’s signed to one of the TOP writers/producers on the BILLBOARD CHARTS “RICO LOVE”… He need to give the Young Gunner the exposure that he really need… I will always $upport YOUNG CHRIS

    2. REDI ROC- I can truly relate to the street shit that Redi be rapping bout on his songs HE’S VERY DETAILED plus his beats are always on point & his video’s are very appealing especially w/ the Bitches, Drugs, & Swag! He really need a RECORD DEAL right now!

    3. TONE TRUMP- I AM NOT A FAN of Trump but I truly respect his GRIND & NETWORK… U gotta respect a Hardworking Motherfucker like that… & now he have a situation w/ YOUNG JEEZY.. Enough Said right there!

    4. GILLIE DA KID- GDK will always be GDK, if it wasn’t for MAJOR FIGGAS a lot of these Niggas from Philly wouldn’t be rapping… Gillie is responsible for a few of Lil Wayne hits [Ghostwriter] Gillie is still very active, he’s filming movies, putting out video’s, & he has a GANGSTA GRILLZ tape w/ DJ DRAMA, what other Philly Rapper has that right now besides MEEK!?!?

    5. CHILL MOODY- I DO NOT like “Hip-Hop” music, I love “Drug Dealing Music, Party Songs, & R&B songs for the Bitches”… But y’all can’t act like that Bul Chill ain’t BUZZING, he’s in Magazines, Top Blogs, TLA shows, opening for Major Artists, & he’s always on the radio [every station]” Oh & when that jawn “MY EYES” came out everybody was singing along… EVERYBODY, YES EVERYBODY… & the Bitches love him so that’s always a plus!

    Those are MY TOP 5 PHILLY RAPPERS… My favorite Philly Rappers are Young Chris, Meek Mill, Redi Roc, & Spade-O

    P.S. “I-Know Brasco” is a Nigga on the rise, all u have to do is Youtube or Google him… He’s creeping up… MONT BROWN [Astronauts] need a RECORD DEAL right now
    @RyanRstar recently posted…RyanRstar: "LEAN WIT IT… ROCK WIT IT… OODLE NOODLES IN THE POT WIT IT" #NowCookingOodleNoodles Profile

  • Poss

    My top 5 was kinda hard to come up with. I’m SpaceHigh but w/o being bias
    1) Redi- he’s been doing it for years. He has songs with every major artist out of Philly in the last 7 years. & Ape Gang has 1 of the biggest fan basis in the city.
    2) Pate- is one of the most lyrical dudes in the city, no denying it. SpaceHigh took the city by storm, you can’t go anywhere in the city w/o seeing some SpaceHigh attire. One of the biggest fan basis in the city, when mentioning music in WP yu think SpaceHigh. His style is original, he’s witty, very versatile (far as topics he raps about). He’s creative & very unpredictable & consist with every single project; Mixtape, Feature etc. Also all original beats produced by (SpaceHigh Reez).
    3) Al 1 thing- very versatile, Witty, Lyrical, & he might have the best word play in the city. & “People Like U$” stormed on the scene out of nowhere. & from my understanding he’s only been rapping for 9 months, smh that’s scary. Also I dig the fact that with his style he’s able to touch all shorts of crowds with his “Street Pop”. He’s doing things that Philly have never seen with being able to sing as well as rap. He reminds you of a more street version on (Drake).
    4) SpaceHigh Lil- his debut mixtape “TKMS” was one of the best mixtapes I’ve heard in a long time (signed or unsigned). His work ethic is unbelievable, he was in the studio recording new music the day his Cd dropped. He has music that EVERYBODY growing up in a urban community’s can relate to, I like to refer to it as “Pain Music”. He’s lyrical & has a nice flow; also the energy that he brings in his live performance is crazy. He has one of the biggest songs in the city right now with his “We At The Pit” track. Someone in every part of the city has heard the track; & more than likely knows it word for word. If not especially the hook lol.
    5) Newz Huddle – Has one of the coldest flows in the city, no debating. He’s consistant, & very versatile. His story telling is on a bean, & when he talk about them chicks smh. Nobody talks about them females like he do, & you can’t never go wrong once you grab the chicks attention. His projects “Free Pills & Free Pills The Refill” were both good CDs. His ability to put a song together is crazy. His hooks are very catchy, that’s where a lot of dudes lack at. He also has a lot of energy during his performances. He make music that different crowds of people can relate to.
    Also SpaceHigh Ceez, Deniro, & Dana Black is right behind those dudes. I wanted to mention AR-Ab & my nigga N-H but they haven’t been making any relevant music lately. Also the bull Dana Black debut cd “My Name Is My Name” is crazy. Every street nigga in the world would relate to his music. But Philly we on our way to the top PSP

  • joey jihad, quilly millz, redi roc, young savage, young sam

  • Tay

    Hands down I vote for Philly Chase all day ! He’s in his own category ! I cannot think of anyone else……

  • Poss

    Btw if you’ve never heard SpaceHigh Pate or SpaceHigh Lil the go to Download TTM2 (Pate) TKMS (Lil)



    NO TOP 5 FOR ME.


  • Loud Life

    Y’all sleeping..HARD

    1. Jheated (Muzic Class)
    2. Dosage (3d)
    3. Pate (SpaceHigh)
    4. Santos (WRTS)
    5. Chill Moody

  • Eazy E

    1.Quilly Millz (BARS)
    3.REDI ROC
    5.Reem Wit Da Ratchet (Unknown but bull go in)

  • Carren

    I don’t like too many Philly rappers. But I think the guy Scorp Da Boy off that puppet show is real marketable. I listened to his whole mixtape on datpiff and I liked all of the songs. He’s definently about to blow up soon

  • KB

    MEL WELLMAN.. dope all around talent, raps, sings, self produces, designs, directs.

  • @BoonBillions

    !!!!!!!!!!!! Top 5 Artist In Philly !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Newz Huddle
    Neef Buck
    Young Savage
    Chill Moody

    !!! Honorable Mentions !!!
    Space High Lil
    Redi Roc
    Dope Dizzle & Lee Mazin (Females)

  • Niggas don’t know how to follow simple directions smfh start the entire post over, then write the criteria/directions in ALL CAPS WITH RED LETTERS.

  • Chin

    quilly millz
    ar ab
    chic raw
    joey jihad
    garci before he got locked up, or redi

    vodka if he still rapped
    maybe neef buck

    Chris in his own lane cuz he signed

  • Flamerz6515

    Heres My list From Hottest to hot

    1 – Quilly Mugga Millz

    Quilly is number 1 because he stepped his game up from headshots to New Wave He Gotta Be the Hottest in Philly Right Now His Music is perfect when am fucking a bitch and its flawless when Blowing Plus he a real ass nigga

    2 – Joey Jihad

    haddy been my man for awhile plus he promoted quilly but aint really fucking wit him now since that whole situation but his music is still good

    3 – Ar-Ab

    Nothing to be said pure shoota real as nigga talks about real shit plus he has good music He about dat life in my Quilly millz voice

    4 – Tone Trump

    Man if you from philly and you havent heard Tone Music You a dickhead

    5 – F-chain

    I Like F-chain Cause he has good hooks and he starting to step his game up. am feeling his recent flow

    i think this list is legit but i think chic raw could be 5 but idk still this list is the shit tho

  • E

    /s the hottest top 5 in philly in order would have to be..
    Quilly Millz-Why well shit check how he transistioned from hsh to the new wave going from dissing any and everybody to just doing him bars for days even tho the industry is about who can write a good song with some backing i think quilly can do it seriously i been listening to quil since a youngbull even then he was hot he just had to develop his metaphors and punchlines so any body that should get signed first it should be quilly.
    Chic Raw-Nice as hell point blank period you can feel his pain that he went thru..
    Young savage-he hot but he’s still young savage world vol 1 and 2 to me seem like a freestyle mixtape hardly no songs on their he didnt have any material to rap about. now savage world 3 was exactly what you was looking for Material he had songs on their he developed into a artist now since then.
    NH-No need to explain that one
    Joey jihad-Last but not least haddy he still hot dont get me wrong but priceless wasnt what you exactly expected from haddy it was acouple of songs on their tha was hot but overall it was average and that shit he did to quil was grimey but it promoted quil more since quilly wasnt firing shots back it happened and he pushed past it but haddy still is hot but he fell off on some aspect

  • brock

    1.Young Chris
    2.Quilly Millz
    3.Joey Jihad
    4.Young Savage
    5.Lee Mazin

  • hollow

    chic raw, dak kid chizz, quilly millz, vodka, nh


    1. Rediroc (ape gng)
    2. Garci (ape gang)
    3.Ape Gang

  • Last Donna (versatility, style )
    Young Chris (style lyrics)
    Dutch (spits heat)
    Tone Trump (hustle and work ethic)

  • 1.Neef buckz

    2.Quilly millz

    3.chic raw.

    4.Young chris

    5.reed dollaz

  • 1.Cassidy
    2.Neef bucks
    3.quilly millz
    4.Chic raw
    5.Young chris

    (MY top 3 way hotter than meek)
    yung__hustla recently posted…B-Eazyyy (@EazyyyTaughtU) – Basement Musik (Video)My Profile

  • Bran

    1.quilly millz
    3.young savage

  • phillyrel

    1.shawn E
    2.young chris
    3.chill moody
    4.vinnie paz.

  • My list

    1. Santos..A.k.a johnny strom
    2. N.h
    3. Ar-Ab
    4. Young Savage
    5. Lean Bean

  • d mart sample king

    journalist,brasco,mike stew,aquil,soul rock

  • d mart sample king

    most dudes on these list all have mixtape material and every other line is about trapping or what kind of gun they gonna shoot you with i wanna hear songs

    • @d mart sample king go to datpiff and type in GRE

  • 1) quilly Millz
    2) young Chris
    3) neef buck
    4) vodka
    5) hollowman (paper chasers)

  • Devin

    Cant believe only one person mentioned Vinnie Paz.

  • Tarvis

    Where is my man Scorp da boy at? He hotter then most people you named on those lists (well the ones I know of). I always liked his stuff since 2rawforthestreets. Haven’t heard any new stuff though. Is he still rapping

  • sqteef

    Underground best top 5 Neef ,Arab , oskeeno, gillie, Reidi roc all real nigga top five!!!

  • Jay Miles

    1.Rockie Reyez
    2.Young Chris
    4.Reed dollaz
    5.Joey Jihad

  • pill

    #1-Topnotch(philly`s own topnotch)sounds like a true hip-hop artist #2-Cassidy- he hot!!! #3-Beanie-got bars!!! #4-Young chris- he hot!!! #5-gillie da kid- he`s a vet

  • person

    Beanie siegel
    reed dollaz
    Ar Ab

  • ppie

    1.) My nigga a-r ab up next! He always been nice but he got streets buzzin
    2.) Apegang all them niggas r nice
    3.) Santos-this dude got sick bars most underrated
    4.) Young savage nd ich all of em got rhythm
    5.) Quilly millz-wasnt a big fan at first but he stepped his shit up nd he’s got a huge buzz. Quilly nd a.r.ab bout they perks where them p 30s at quill!? Haha
    -my niggas nitty(new jack nitty) nd newz. They don’t got any buzz but they’re shit fire. They got potential!!!

  • Real shit
    1 chill moddy
    2 Tone trump
    3 ar ab top goon
    4.quilly millz
    And I’m gone wit a sleeper cuz that’s what philly do cuz everybody in they grandmom rap 5. Sickworld from uptown follow @sickworld1000. Or skinni sonni toss up both hot

  • Shane

    5. Beanie Sigel
    4. Lee Mazin’
    3. Quilly Millz
    2. Cassidy
    1. Meek Mills