WIN an Autographed Meek Mill Dreams and Nightmares CD via HHS1987

November 21, 2012 46

WIN an Autographed Meek Mill Dreams and Nightmares CD via HHS1987

HipHopSince1987 is giving away 4 autographed Dreams & Nightmares cd’s again. We can’t support Meek enough so we are giving away 4 autographed cd’s, 4 Dreams & Nightmares t-shirts along with 4 Dreams & Nightmares gym bags this week. The last contest we gave away 2, but we figured that wasn’t enough and you all want more. The contest ends at 10am on 11/21/12!!!!

There are THREE ways to win:

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  2. Leave a comment below on this blog post telling us your favorite Dreams & Nightmares song and why you deserve to win an autographed cd.
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We will pick a winner at random by Wednesday, November 21st at 4pm so we can ship it out before the Thanksgiving holiday. Winners will be notified via email and not on twitter or instagram. Good luck!

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Dreams and Nightmares (Deluxe Version) - Meek Mill

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  • Max Kulchinsky


    I loved Dreams and Nightmares! I didn’t know if Meek would really follow through from the Dreamchasers series and his pretty good features of late. However, it’s obvious that Amen was probably the biggest rap song of the year, and that the album really did Meek’s career justice. While D&N isn’t perfect, it is a solid album, filled with inspirational bars and bangers. Maybach Curtains is my favorite song because of the “we made it” theme, in addition to one of Ross’, Meek’s and Nas’ best verses of the year with a killer John Legend hook (you couldn’t expect anything less from him) and a really great Justice League beat (which also didn’t fall short). I think I deserve an autographed copy because I just gave a pretty good analysis of the album, and I’d really like to put a a signed copy of the album up on my wall next to some of my other favorite rap albums.



  • Tori

    My favorite dream in nightmare song is POLO IN SHELL TOPS TONY STORY PART 2 && IN GOD WE TRUST .. I love Robert rahmeek Williams with all my heart my boyfriend wont it to break up with me because he say if i ever meet meek mill ill break up with him my phone is based on him .. I been loving him since 07 the real me .. Every week he in miami im there liv bamboo cameo everything went to his concert aug 13 in miami in dec 5 im there .. I follow him on everything i even told my family in friend im moving to philly jus cause he from there .. I believe im his number one fan i have a tattoo with a quote from the bible because him he my motivation .. My everything i mite sound crazy but Iiiiiiiii looooovvvveeeee him . !!!!

  • crazy cie

    I love the Song lay up that shit b rocking, Dam make me wat to do some things…umm

  • Prateek

    My favorite song is “Young and Gettin’ it.” I deserve the CD because I am a huge Meek Mill fan and the CD is great to listen to in the car stereo, CD is best for this. I want it bad!!!

  • Javier

    My favorite Dreams And Nightmares song is traumatized because Meek Mill goes into real depth and shows the hip-hop what real rap is all about. From talking about his father to showing he’s a real rapper from nothing. Seeing him grow from flamers mixtape to this album is full support and grows that he’s my favorite artist. I think I deserve this autographed CD because Meek Mill showed me it’s all about being a dreamchaser. I’m from a small city where people are critics and making it out of this area of killing shooting gangs isn’t easy. Meek proves me and lets me know that anything is possible just chase your dreams. I really want this CD I bought 4 hard copys and off iTunes. He’s something you could look up to and really would make my dream come true if I got one.

  • Cristian

    Starting with the Dreams and Nightmares Intro, I knew the whole CD was gonna be amazing. Meek is the rapper I go to when I need motivation. He gets me hype with the energy he puts into his songs. He has definitely climbed my list of top rappers after this album

  • Brandon

    My favorite Dreams & Nightmares song would have to be Traumatized. This song is too real about the streets and Meek’s troubles. Meek usually always spills his heart out into his songs, but this one… He really went in and he seems to have perfected his craft in storytelling. He’s been in the game for a while and this is only his first debut album… Amazing. Hard work earned, and a long way to go. I really believe I deserve a signed copy because I’ve been followin Meek for a while and now he’s been shinin but I’m proud to see him come out with this debut album. I still plan to go cop an album in support of him even if I don’t win, but if I do I would be so stoked! Just cause its signed! Thanks for the opportunity, HipHopSince1987. Keep doin ya thing Meek.

  • Kemar

    My favorite track from dreams and nightmares album is Traumatized followed by polo and shell tops being from the streets i can relate to these songs especially traumatized and having that feeling for revenge boiling inside you. I deserve to win because meek is one of my favorite international act and seeing his dreams become reality has been tremendous, to me he is more than just an entertainer but also a role model.

  • Sickest song hands down is dreams and nightmares cause it’s starts awesome ad slowish then BOOM he goes right the hell in. Shits straight fire Meeks the shithottest rapper out there spitting straight flames

  • I do not have a favourite song out of the dreams and nightmares album. I love all the songs on it. The songs in the album go through different stages of Meeks life and picking one out doesn’t do it justice. Meek mill is a great artist, though I just got to really listen to him and I have become a huge fan. I would appreciate it if I win the autographed album, but regardless if I don’t, meek is still my favourite artist in 2012 hope he doesn’t get laid back

  • CirocBoy

    My Favorite song off dreams and nightmares is traumatized. I deserve to win because im not 1 of those dick riding niggas cuz meek got hits now, i been fucks wit meek. From braids to waves !!!

  • Hey, My name is Kenyi flores and my favorite song off of Dreams & Nightmares has to be Traumatized because it is just to real and you can see right through Meek mill and see how real he really is and no matter how much money he makes or how may deals he gets he will always be a real person no matter what. I myself have lost my father to the streets and it just touches me deep making me look for my fathers killer and settle unfinished business but that’s a different story for a different day….of course the hit single Young & Getting it Ft. Kirko Bangz because they are both my favorite artist and to see them come together is to make a great song is just amazing. I believe i deserve to win a autographed album because i have supported Robert Rahmeek Williams Since day one i have been to every single of his shows here in Chicago. but i have never got the chance to get his autograph. I have told all my friends to listen to Meek Mill i even bought my iTunes card a couple days before the album released and put it away in my room until it did i was so stoked about the album in class i didn’t even pay attention to my teachers i was just walking around the hallways yelling out “MMG RUNNING IT” ..those are just a few reasons i believe i deserve the Autographed Dreams & Nightmares Album.

  • Matt

    Lovin dreams and nightmares! My favorite song off it (while hard to pick) has to be “Amen”. I love the work he did with drake. I’m an aspiring music producer and have taken a lot of influence from this song, and the whole album. It’s a super real album. i love traumatized as well, how he struggled in the streets is crazy. I think I deserve to win a copy because I rep meek and the young and reckless brand 24/7. I’m always keeping up on meek and wanna help push his name. He’s definitely my favorite newer artist. He’s only gotten better since dreamchasers. Also this album sounds AWESOME in my subwoofers in my car, so I’d play it loud and proud. Thank you!

  • Ashlee Alexander


    I’ve been an extreme Meek Mill fan since Flamers 3. I have every mixtape from Mr. Philadelphia, to The Dreams and Nightmare debut album. Meek Mill is such an inspiration not only through his rap music, but through the actual life he has lived. Although his path wasn’t the most legal or probably the best path Meek did what he had to do to not only feed himself but his family as well. My favorite song on Meek’s debut album is ‘Who You’re Around’ featuring ‘ Mary J. Blige. Although all the songs on his album are great and beyond phenomenal. This particular song makes me feel as if Im standing right in the booth with him as he tells the story about trying to provide for those who he believed was down for him. This song is so real and it carries so much passion. He talks about how people changed when he came up in the rap game and how the ones he tried to provide for treated him differently and instead of grinding with him they became jealous and formed against him. Just like in the bible where it say “no weapon formed against me shall prosper” Meek is living proof of what you can become by not letting those weapons (friends or foes) form against him. He encourages me everyday with his dreamchaser motto and mentality that if I grind hard enough and put everything I have into everything that I do, that one day I’ll get that Aston Martin too (lol). I think I deserve an autographed CD from Meek Mill because I support him for more than solely that he is an attractive being and makes great music but rather because he encourages and uplifts me to go for what I want with full force. I’ve bought the hard copy of his debut album, the iTunes deluxe copy, I have the Dreams and Nightmare crew neck, the DreamChaser t-shirt and a DreamChaser bracelet. I live, I breathe and I embody the DreamChaser mentality. I AM A DREAMCHASER and I know without a doubt I deserve an autographed copy of his debut album more than anyone else.

    –Ashlee (A true DreamChaser)

  • Cortney Evans

    My favorite songs on Dreams an Nightmares is ; Dreams and Nightmares , Young & Gettin It , Traumatized , Young Kings , Lay Up , Who Your Around , Polo and Shell Tops , Rich and Famous , and Real Niggas Come First . I should win an autographed cd because I love Meek with everything in me ! Im a die hard ass fan , and I deserve to win ! It would be a gift if I would actually win cause it would mean so much to me ! To know that Meek actually signed my cd , man I would just die ! I really would lovee to win one ! Im a real #DreamChaser cause I chase my dreams just like Meek , and he has inspired me to do that . He made me realize that its possible to come from nothing and be more than something ! His music is motivation for me to do everything I need to do for me to succeed in anything I put my mind to doing . I believe that anything is possible now . A Real #Dreamchaser ,

  • christine

    I love Robert rhameek Williams my favorite song is traumatized an who your around because there so real I always been a fan since blood hounds flamerz hottest in the city I just would love to meet him an let him no I respect him so much as a artist he came from the bottom now he at the top I watch him grow as a person his old videos on YouTube him battling people an he really made it the definition of a dream chaser love you meek i need to be mmg 1st lady i rap an they call me a female meek lol

  • joe

    My favourite song on Dreams & Nightmares is Amen (feat. Drake) and i deserve to win this autographed cd because I already have two copies of Dreams & Nightmares, I also have it downloaded on I tunes on my MacBook Pro,I pod, and I phone 4, & Meek Mill stickers that I put on my Macbook Pro, I also have the Halloween mask and the matching Dreams & Nightmares Halloween T-shirt, I also have the Dream chaser sticker on my MacBook Pro plus the Dream Chasers bracelet and I also got the Dreams and Nightmare avi’s on my Facebook and Twitter, and if I get this cd it will definitely motivate me to do something big like that one day, okay good luck everyone.

  • Amber

    My favorite track on meek’s ” dreams &nightmares “is traumatized, because not only did meek give a voice to many young kids, & many others dealing with issues & such problems like many deaths to ones closest to you, but also betrayal. Which is to me like meek sharing his own interpersonal diary with us. Which also breaks the ice of the average “urban brand of a African-american rapper”which consists of flashy jewelry, money; violence, & sex. So to me meek is like the “tupac shakur ” of hip-hop tragedy free.he not only expressed his distaste of betrayal ; reoccurrance of hurtful deaths of ones closest to him & loved such as his father. But meek overcame the statistics of the average black male. Which is life in jail, lack of success, even death. Which makes people like me a African American (female) have a new overall view of him which sets me closer to him as a person not hip- hop urban famous rapper”Meek Mill” but “Robert Williams ” a average African American. That overcame many stereotypes,negative perceptions & social classes he as a ” black male ” has & have been put in. So to me Robert Williams is ” young & getting. It “& I believe I deserve the signed CD is because I’ve been with meek for the longest & feel truly gifted to have a young &inspiring artist like meek to represent us African-americans in the most positive light. Not shown as unworthy;or dwelling in ignorance. Which I feels like to me a positive step ahead in success. & is presented to me this message taken in by me a fan of meek from a overall out view of his actions, & achievements. “Don’t let your surroundings & people ;many inconveincies influence who you are, but instead give you ambition to conquer your dreams & goals to the fullest of your personal action “. In closing : I love meek & appreciate him. Thank you for taking time and giving me the chance to enter!

  • Amal

    I’ve been a meek mill fan, Since day one. My favorite song off of dreams and nightmares is Maybach curtains and young & gettin it. I deserve to win because I am a die hard fan, Ive never met meek in my life but getting is autograph will make me feel so happy. All I listen to is meek mill, His music is my therapy session when I’m going through tough things in my life. Meek mill means the world to me, and it will mean alot getting this!

  • JP

    My fav. Track on the CD is in GOD we trust. & i should win because i am a huge fan of Meek Mills i follow homie on all social networks thats availible & dude is true inspiration i love hw he looks out fa the “team” & honestly i do the same fa mine!!! & im just always promoting everything he does #HugeFan

  • $✞∉V∉N♋

    Tha actual “Dreams and Nightmates” Intro cuz it sumz up why I love tha whole ALBUM in general, no favorites. I think I should win cuz i’mma Dream Chaser n I have a passion for MuZiK

  • $✞∉V∉N♋

    Tha actual “Dreams and Nightmares” Intro cuz it sumz up why I love tha whole ALBUM in general, no favorites. I think I should win cuz i’mma Dream Chaser n I have a passion for MuZiK

  • domkinlaw

    I Think the most touching song is ” Traumatized” It shows the struggle of his life what he’s been through also my others are “dreams and nightmares, believe it , maybach curtains, in god we trust , real niggas come first , tony story and polo and shell tops ” I should win this because I been listening to meek since i was younger , he is a great rapper from philly so #STANDUP

  • Julian

    I deserve to win because I support your website to the fullest. I already signed up for the daily newsletter and ever since I followed you Instagram I’ve been a fan I the website. I also deserve to win because I believe meek is one of the nicest in the game ever since I was put on to him and the ashes to ashes mixtape when I heard him on “pandemonium” I knew he was gonna be a star. Since the album came out I haven’t stopped listening to it at work while I stock the shelves for wal Mart on my 10 to 7 night shift and that’s the truth! My favorite song is polo and shell tops because I believe he’s telling the story of every young kid growing up in the hood or any where for that matter….the beat and his delivery on it is just crazy if that song can’t get you hyped to do anything idk what will. Thanks for reading.

  • louisa

    My favorite song is deff I’m young & I’m gettin it. I deserve this cd so I can give it to my babe for xmas bc he absolutely loves Meek. He’s his fave rapper & one of his biggest fans. He loves alll his songs & I know that he would really appreciate this & would love an autographed cd!

  • Sharday

    My favorite track on “Dream and Nightmares” is Traumatized && The intro “Dream and Nightmares” I deserve to win this cd because I’m a big fan of “Meek Mill” i been supporting him ever since even before he became a member of mmg.. When he had braids & when he came out with his first mixtape I’m everywhere he’s at(events) lol but he motivates me!!make me want to go further with my dreams & I love him ,he will always have my support #philly

  • Scott Ghai

    iv been listenin to meek mill from the begginning of mmg. got all of his mixtapes on the first day like dreamchasers and dreamchasers 2. And also got dreams nd nightamres the first day from itunes. Iv been listenin to it all day, every day since then. I have nofav songs of the album. I LOVE THE WHOLE THING. god bless u meek, im ur biggest fan and i hope you go up in life and male all your fans proud

  • i love the whole album, my favorite song is somebody your around ft mary j blige…i think i should win because i been in florida for three months, soon as i got here there was an announcement that he was gonna be in jacksonville, i missed that show and was on the way to the after party but turned around because someone was shot in the party, i missed the miami show at club liv which was on a sunday, i got my cd the day it came out and missed him in philly on broad st the day he dropped the album because i was in florida THEN he just did the MMG tour in baltimore i had someone get me a autographed cd and they paid $83 for it but i never got it (not even the picture of it cause they probably was lying) i got a whole bunch of pictures of my friends with him in them because i asked everyone to take pictures cause i was out of town everybody knows im Meek Mill #1 fan…..he is my inspration to do music before it was tupac…thats why i think i should get it lol Im his #1 fan!!!!!! <3

  • Naquan Rice

    I want to win this autographed cd for my girlfriend. Her favorite artist is Meek Mill. She counted down everyday until October 30th when the album came out. I want to win this so I can give her an autographed copy of the album. She doesn’t have the actual cd and i want to surprise her in getting this. Her favorite song on the album is “Lay Up” she sings it evvveeerryyddaayy haha. I hope I win this so I can surprise her, just to do something nice for her

  • Tiara D


    TIARA D..

  • Damascus

    My favorite song on the dreams and nightmares album is tramutized it is just Meek being honest reminising and opening up himself letting us know about his lost loved ones. It makes me feel some empathy for Meek and value my loved ones more. I like that song also because it is very relatable for alot of people. I deserve to win a autographed copy of dreams and nightmare because i am a meek mill fanatic. I rap his songs everyday, and i stock meek mill at i try to find his number so i can speak with him and make a song with him. this would be one of the best things that happened to me since i was born. I like meek mill so much i end almost all of my text with mmg over everything. i have been trying to win concerts and meek mill memorabilia. Meek Mill is a beast. and i know i am giving him neck now. still i deserve to win a meek mill album. it would mean the world. MMG

    • Damascus

      Also, Meek is real

  • Viraj

    My favorite song is young and gettin it. It is a great song with a sick beat. This cd is my favorite album of all time and Meek Mill has turned into my favorite artist. I can’t believe I have a chance to get my Meek Mill’s autograph and cd. Last thing…ALL HAIL MEEK MILL AND MMG!!!!!!!

  • Tanja

    To be honest I do not listen to Rap at all !!! But when I rode pass someone listening to dream and nightmares I had to check the cd out … favorite song is dreams and night mare , lay up , ameen , burn , young and I’m getting it, young kings,and traumatized …. I think overall to my first time listening to a whole rap cd and understanding it and didn’t skip a track and felt every word he did a hell of a job .. I think I should win the cd because it will be the first cd I own , I will put it to use , free advertising and because I sat here and followed all the rules you ask me too for a rap cd when I always say free stuff should be for folks less fortunate then I am 🙂

  • Tanja

    First rap cd *

  • Miss L

    In God we trust->the irony of it.

  • Naquan Rice

    I want to win this autographed cd for my girlfriend. Her favorite artist is Meek Mill. She counted down everyday until October 30th when the album came out. I want to win this so I can give her an autographed copy of the album. She doesn’t have the actual cd and i want to surprise her in getting this. Her favorite song on the album is “Lay Up” she sings it evvveeerryyddaayy haha. I hope I win this so I can surprise her, just to do something nice for her

  • BrittanyBeauty

    Everybody on here full of shit I just want to win that CD cause I havent DL it for free like some of yall keep it trill people

  • Diego

    Believe it- the beat “i got that Justin bieber please believe it!” I want this cd so it can be my first autographed cd by meek mill I was with meek mill since dreamchasers

  • My favorite song from “Dreams and Nightmares” is “Traumatized”. This song gets me emotional, motivated, and insightful all at once. I think back to a year ago when my big cousin Mikyle Frank was murdered and I get angry. Meek’s father was murdered and you can hear his anger and passion in his voice while he raps. The want of revenge overwhelmed my body when I first listened to “Traumatized” but then I later reflected on Meek’s current life and how he turned pain into motivation and I suddenly thought differently. I deserve to win an autographed cd because I am a TRUE fan. You may hear this all the time, but you follow me on twitter ( You see how much I tweet about or to Meek everyday. However, I’m not like other fans. I don’t tweet him in search of a retweet, instead I hope for recognition. I want Meek and Meek’s camp to recognize my admiration and love for his lyrical talents, flashy style, and rags-to-riches story. This opportunity of winning an autographed cd, gym bag, and tee shirt is a blessing. Please consider me when making the choice of the winners. Thank you for this opportunity.

  • Kobe

    I loved every song on Dreams and Nightmares. My favorite song was Dreams and Nightmares the intro
    because I love the feeling after he says ” hold up wait a minute yall thought i was finished” and also i can relate to Meek alot so i think i deserve a autographed copy also because ive been with meek researching him every day see if hes releasing anything since i seen that battle when he was like 11 i knew you were going to make it

  • Kobe

    I loved every song on Dreams and Nightmares. My favorite song was Dreams and Nightmares the intro
    because I love the feeling after he says ” hold up wait a minute yall thought i was finished” and also i can relate to Meek alot so i think i deserve a autographed copy also because ive been with meek researching him every day see if hes releasing anything since i seen that battle when he was like 11 i knew you were going to make it
    MMG! meek mill!

  • Ayanna Malloy

    My fav song off dreams n nightmares is ‘young & gettin it. I believe I deserve the d&n pack cause I been repping for meek. Ppl down here in atl be sleeping on him. But I’m slowly but surely bringing them on the bandwagon.

  • HHS1987:
    I am truly Meek Mill’s biggest fan….I love every album that he has every came out with including all three of the Flamers mixtapes, Mr. Philadelphia, and each DreamChasers mixtape. But Dreams and Nightmares placed the icing on the cake for me as a fan and it truly made me fall in love with the real Meek Mill. Its hard to just choose one song off of the Dreams and Nightmares Album but if I had to choose just one it would be “Tramatized” because it brings you closer to him as a person as this is one of his most personal songs. He speaks of his father’s death and how it effected him, his family and his mother. He speaks of how he grew up on the streets of Philly which he refers to as the “jungle.” I deserve to win the autographed cd because I am a die heart Meek Mill Fan. I have a page on Twitter @MeekMillNo1Fan that I created and dedicated to him, I bought 5 of his cds when they came out and kept one and gave them out to some friends and family just to put them to the Rookie of the Year and if anyone asks me anything about Meek I know the answer right away and it suprises people when I give them an answer and its correct even when they try to google the answer I have given them. And its a MUST that I listen to his album everyday and I don’t just listen to Dreams and Nightmares….I listen to anything from one of the Flamers mixtapes to any one of the DreamChaser mixtapes. When people get in my car that have never heard of him before I turn them on very quickly and then they even want to go buy the album. I have Meek Mill’s song Young & Gettin’ It as my ringtone, I have Dreams and Nighmares downloaded on my phone and my ipod from iTunes. Nobody goes harder than me when it comes to being his biggest fan because I don’t just talk the talk. I also walk the walk. So follow me @MeekMillNo1Fan if you want to know and hear everything Meek Mill.

  • quinny blonco

    Im to late so im sure one of these lucky people will win, and congrats to whom ever that is! but I’d gladly appreciate if you email me, twitter me, or intragram the next meek mill contest so I can try my luck nd win, because im a hugeee fan! I only get motivated by listening to any of his music or any of tyler perry movies, nd music is more my motivation, I like tony story pt 2 because tony story pt 1 was sooo epic, nd its always more to the story… im looking for a tony story pt 3, it just move me to to listen to this young man’s story, period! I’ve been a fan since before he was signed just throwing up you tube videos, nd watchin them battles, I also like the song look how far we’ve came, cause hard work pays off nd he deserved it, its always ok to look back nd remember where you came from long as you remember where u going… im a die hard meek milly fan <3… anit no way around it!

  • Jovano Banuelos

    Awwww DAMN!! I missed it, da fuck =__=;