NFL Playoffs: Saints vs. 49ers via @Eldorado2452

January 14, 2012 0

Saints-vs.49ers NFL Playoffs: Saints vs. 49ers via @Eldorado2452







Despite what most so called critics say I believe New Orleans head coach Sean Payton and  marksman Drew Brees have a lot to prove. The Saints in the Payton era are 0-4 outdoors and today the bayou heads out to the bay as the Saints face off against the 49ers at Candlestick Park where at times the field can misty and moist.

The 49ers earned the right to a bye last week thanks to a fierce defense and a 13-3 record. Linebacker Patrick Willis is looking to take the 49ers back to a place they havent been since Steve Young and Jerry Rice and if the Saints dont come out to play things could get ugly.

I feel a 31-17 victory for the Saints. Look for a 350 yard performace for Brees and a big night from Saints tight end Jimmy Graham

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