Spartans win off an Overtime Call

January 3, 2012 0

Badgers Let the Clock Run Out before they got Ahead

By: AdrienneB @EvataTigerRawr


The Michigan State Spartans and Wisconsin Badgers tip-toed around each other for the entire game. With senior guard Jordan Taylor on offense and a Draymond Green on defense it was hard to declare winner before watching the game. Most of the points were tit for tat. However, the ending three-pointer was the highlight of the game. With the final shot by junior guard Ryan Evans overturned by the officials the final score ended up 63-60.

Evans took the pass with 1 second left in overtime. The Badgers knew they needed a three-pointer to get them another chance to take the lead. After the first half their momentum turned up the game. It was interesting to watch from beginning to end. However, the Badgers lost at home which is rare for the team. There were missed shots throughout the game which could have given them the lead. With all the mishaps, Taylor scored 28 points, a team and game high.

A big player for the Spartans is Draymond Green. He is a senior forward who has seven double-doubles. In Tuesday’s game he had 18 points and 14 rebounds. Will he continue to be a star after he can finally experience that winning feeling? The more double-doubles he gets could give him the motivation to head to the draft.

Next, the Spartans take on Iowa Hawkeyes Tuesday. Badgers tip-off against the 13th-ranked Michigan Wolverines Sunday afternoon.

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