Tigers’ Ace Verlander Leads Detroit Against New York Yankees In Critical Game 3

October 16, 2012 0

Detroit Tigers

The Detroit Tigers march into tonight’s Game 3 matchup against the New York Yankees with a 2-0 lead in this best of 7 ALCS and with former Cy Young winner and American league MVP Justin Verlander headed to the mound.

Everything that could go wrong for the Yankees so far has gone wrong. Yankees captain Derek Jeter was injured and will miss the reminder of the postseason. Highly paid third baseman Alex Rodriguez is batting a career low at the worst time possible and the team is hitting .192 in the first two games of this series and .205 in seven games this postseason.

Tigers skipper Jim Leyland recent told the Detroit News “I’m nervous about this, We know what’s in front of us. The Yankees are going to break out at some point.”

The Yankees certainly have their back against the wall and if they are looking to save their season ,tonight would be the time to start. Unfortunately for Yankee fans I dont see that happening.

Tigers 7  Yankees 2

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