@FamJuice x @Hot1079Philly x @HipHopSince1987 "In The Lab" Cypher (Video)

August 8, 2012 0

fam-juice-x-hot-107-9-x-hiphopsince1987-in-the-lab-cypher-video-HHS1987-2012 @FamJuice x @Hot1079Philly x @HipHopSince1987 "In The Lab" Cypher (Video)

Fam Juice x Hot 107.9 x Hip Hop Since 1987 bring you the hottest rap artists from the Tri-State Area for the “In The Lab Cypher” DJ Damage hosts the cypher and showcases the talents of Apollo The Great, Chill Moody, Young Savage, Leemazin, Carmen Amare, Big Ooh, and Sir with DJ Omega on the 1s & 2s! Filmed and Edited By Juan Ortiz and Brad Watts of Redd Pen Media and Sil Beyah of Somethin Lite Pictures.

Cyphers, Cyphers, Cyphers I Love them!!! The essence of Hip-Hop is embodied in the CYPHER. It don’t matter if you like it or not this is a competitive culture from break dancing and graffiti to battling. It’s what made Hip-Hop culture popular for almost  20 years. In this particular cypher presented by Famjuice, shout out to them for representing the culture. DJ Circuitbreaka gives breakdown and review of every rapper who spit.

YOUNG SAVAGE : I remember plenty of times having to stop him from rapping. This kid is a phenom with lyrics, flow, and delivery. In this particular cypher he lived up to the hype with lyrics like “Its one thing different between me and Kunta Kinte’/ I’ll never be defeated” showing his lyrical skill. Everyone knows how I feel about lyrics because that separates the “Goods” from the “Greats”.

LEE MAZIN: I remember the first time I ever saw Lee was on Taylor Made Tv. S/O Tee 730. She’s definitely not the same Lee I saw on that video. Her flow is more polished. You can her the hunger in her voice. She rode the beat like Vin Diesel Fast and Furious. In this game for a female to make it she has to hold it down with the guys and she did just that.

CHILL MOODY: First time I heard Chill he was doing a acapella freestyle. I was impressed by the way he crafted his verses, he reminds me of a more lyrical and aggressive Q-Tip . He always got the dope intros “Reporting live from where crime rules/ fresh as a prom suit/pressure builds/Chilly flow consistent as a monsoon/I teach you a thing or two this is rhyme school”. Perfect beat for Chill to craft his picture.

APOLLO THE GREAT: I have to be honest this is the first time I’ve listened to Apollo the Great. I was impressed by his lyrical abilities. His delivery was on point.  I like Jersey Mc’s, alot of greats come from Jersey.

SIR: Before today I have to admit I never heard nothing that I liked from Sir. But in this cypher he was a standout with his deliver, lyrics, flow he came with his A game when it matter. He came aggressive with high energy and perfect breath control.

CARMEN AMARE: The first time I saw Carmen was in Allflamerz Tv S/O Mack. I saw potential in her when she spit for like 10 mins not non-stop but consistant. To be 16 that surely has to be talent, and I was impressed by her word play. But in this particular cypher I don’t think she was ready for this level yet.

BIG OOH: Again another Jersey Mc. Big Ohh got a delivery like Dr.Dre mixed with the lyrics of Nas. He did what I would expect a seasoned vet to do what he did, he held down Trenton.

Review By: Dj Circuitbreaka


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