Zaiah Burke – 23 (Album Stream)

September 23, 2013 1

Front-Cover Zaiah Burke - 23 (Album Stream)


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Zaiah Burke grew up mostly in Newport News, VA. His old soul developed early on and was initially triggered by listening to the music his mother would play. “My Old Earth (his mother) is 38 years my senior so I use to play her records on the turntable when I was growing up.”  Zaiah says he got his musical taste from the soulful selections and by the 2nd grade he was composing his first few verses. Though he has released a few solo efforts to date, 23 is his first official studio recorded project. In 10 well put together tracks, Burke allows listeners to take a journey of his mind. 23 is the story of his past, his present, and his future. Listen, download, and share today!


Back-Cover Zaiah Burke - 23 (Album Stream)

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