Cassidy – All Alone (Address His Bentley Being Repo’d, Loyalty & More)

January 3, 2013 8

Cassidy – All Alone

Cassidy releases a new record that addresses AR-AB, Meek saying his Bentley got Repo’d and more in this “All Alone” track.

Chubby Jag speaks on his “Meek Mill Diss” record, he feels he bodied Meek and thats why he didnt respond,  he wants to throw up $100k on a battle against Meek, Ar-Ab, and Cassidy below:

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  • Yusef

    Did Shit ass!!!!!

  • Khadira

    This is sad… In my opinion this type of record only makes him look weaker. I guess he wants sympathy from his fans; but now is not the time to appear weak…ijs

  • Izzo YA’KNOW!!!

    This has to be an old track! This can not be Cass response ?!?!?! But if it is, this is SAD! Damn Cass….smh

  • maharlamad

    did he say chickens call my phone and ask where he get their number from, and say dont call me again?? ughhhh…..

  • Plain

    @maharlamad No stupid… he didn’t say that, and he don’t sound soft, he sound real.

  • ThatPMF

    @Plain Shut Ya Dumbass Up This Was Trash Boi. Cass Know What He Doing, Trynna Make The Fans Feel Then Look At Meek Like Hes The Bad Guy

  • Tree

    Good track but lets face it the only emo-rapper who people let rock out is Drake. I think if this battle wasn’t going on…Cass could have capitalized off of that “Condom Style” song as a PSA for a safe sex campaign. & this song is a smooth real track but right now isn’t the time for him to be dropping I’m broke and alone music while trying to battle.

  • RYNO

    If so didnt this nigga start with meek