Ja Rule To Pen Prison Stay Inspired Microwave Cookbook

October 23, 2013 0


ja_nore-300x300 Ja Rule To Pen Prison Stay Inspired Microwave Cookbook


Prison isn’t a place anyone wants to be, especially if you’re a high profile rap star, but when Ja Rule found himself there due to a gun possession charge he had to make the best of it. One way the Queens rapper was able to flourish was by avoiding the prison food. Ja is now turning that idea into a full-fledged cookbook of easy-to-make, microwave recipes.

Rule announced the plans during a visit to Geoffrey Zakarian’s SiriusXM show, Food Talk. The Murder Inc rapper divulged his secret to gaining muscle while in prison to TMZ stating “Eat a lot of protein. Eat a lot of fish, a lot of salmon – [the food inside] is not too good but you get packages and stuff like that. You can eat pretty good. You can eat decent enough.” The rapper continued, “In jail, they’re pretty crafty. We made lasagna, we made cheesecakes, we had lots of things. I really didn’t eat prison food.”

Rule did not announce when the cookbook would be in stores.

Ja Rule — Screw Prison Food … I Made My Own

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