Kendrick Lamar Responds To Meek Mill In Brooklyn (Video)

September 11, 2013 7

During his show in Brooklyn, NY K.Dot decided to speak out on Meek Mill in regards to his “new niggas” comment:

“I been doing this shit for years. I mastered this shit! I have no time for irrelevant niggas… new niggas! There’s one nigga in particular that needs to realize that there’s ‘levels’ to this shit. I’m MOTHER F*CKIN’ KING KENDRICK!” 

Meek Mill of course was relayed the message through the power of social media and simply replied:


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  • Mr_falu

    He ain’t respond on a song tho. Kendrick a pussy

  • Mos Def

    Meek don’t want to go record for record against Kendrick. Meek should just keep his mouth shut and make songs or better yet make a dope album !!! I don’t think Meek has the creativity nor the experience to make an amazing album. All he talks about is shit you can Purchase, always about Material items. He can’t go in the booth and write about that shit that makes people “FEEl”, he can’t make music that is emotionally driven that inspires greatness.

  • D J3rk

    All you have to do is stack it up.. in one hand you have a pile of flashy shit in the other you have gold Bars of meaning.

  • Jazmin

    Bottom line is K.Dot Nice But Meek Built For This Battle Shit, Let Dream Chaser Dom dukes flame dat nicca

  • D J3rk

    Baseline … Cassidy – Catch a Body.. “Try” to handle 1 lyricist at a time Meek..

  • JR

    Exactly what Mos Def said above…Meek has no creativity…did anyone notice in all his response he had to recycle older rappers hooks? Meek lost that huger when he started seeing the money…he dont want beef wit Kendrick or Cassidy…either way its a biased battle because fans nowadays are based on the hype around an artist…(even if all the artist is doing is throwing the money they made of the fans back in there face) any of y’all notice the rappers that actually been had money dont talk bout it nearly as much as meek? Nobody been takin in the fact that everyone that says anything bout meek is speaking the truth…Cassidy, Chubby Jag, Cyssero, Prince Eazy, Joe Budden…Kendrick…who else needs to say it JAY-Z?

  • Wat da fck is wrong wit y’all kendrick will smoke meek stupid ass. Meek let Lil Snupe smoke him. #teamkendrick