YG “My Krazy Life” Album Release Date Announced

December 10, 2013 1



After a couple setbacks and an album name change. YG and Def Jam are ready to give antsy fans what they have been waiting for! YG Debut Album “My Krazy Life” is in the chamber and will be release February 25. Rich Homie Quan, Young Jeezy, Drake and more will be joining YG on the album. Congratulations homie. #NoGimmicks

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  • Tiffany

    This comment is for (yg) I’m originally from the Compton and yg is not Frm Compton , Compton is jus the city that he come to gangbang at yg is originally from the city of paramount where he was born and raised at and attend school so this whole Compton and bompton that is jus a front he has never live on spruce at in life he gangbang at 901 n oleander at the crack house because any thing goes at the crack house and as far as his music goes it garbage he to learn how to speak in public and conduct his self u jus think that def jam need to take a closer look at their newest artist (yg) and his background and what he really represent we want to break away from the violance and promoting gang violance in black community but I quess def jam is looking at the money that yg is coming to bring their business and I see yg on the regular selling drugs & gangbanging smoke weed I said YG is not from COMPTON and not from 400 block but it you buy is to yg bs than you are just as weak minded as he is