NFL Black Monday: Jim Schwartz, Leslie Frazier, Greg Schiano, Mike Shanahan & More Fired

December 30, 2013 0


Today for NFL teams that didn’t make the postseason often is a very dark one for coaches and coordinators. As teams look to get a immediate advantage in looking for new leadership, teams often hand out pink slips to members of the coaching staff that won’t be returning to their teams next year. As of 2:00pm eastern today there are five NFL franchises looking for new head coaches.

The Detroit Lions (Jim Schwartz), the Minnesota Vikings (Leslie Frazier), the Tampa Bay Bucs (Greg Schiano), the Washington Redskins (Mike Shanahan) and the Cleveland Browns (Rob Chudzinski) are all moving into the 2014 off-season looking for new head coaches. I’m sure these names won’t be only head coach let go around the NFL so stay tuned to HHS1987 for more details on the NFL coaching changes.

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