Meek Mill (@MeekMill) Talks Cassidy Beef, DreamChasers 3, Intro Video & Haters with HHS1987’s @BWyche (Video)

January 17, 2013 14

Meek Mill sits down with’s own Brandon Wyche to talk about the Cassidy beef (will he respond to Cassidy’s “R.A.I.D. record”, the release date on his “Dreams & Nightmares Intro” video, Dream Chasers 3 mixtape (the unofficial cover thats on the internet, features, producers, release date), Dream Chasers Records (signed members and upcoming releases), Ar-AB, as well as the haters who hate on Meek’s music, success and much more. This video was shot and edited by HHS1987’s own Rick Dange.

Make sure you download the first leak off Meek Mill’s Dream Chasers 3 mixtape, called “From Da Bottom” featuring Guordan.

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  • #whatyouthinkigrind4

    Real nigga shit #whatyouthinkigrind4

  • Great interview homie

  • Gcoop

    My night keeping it 100.. Never was a big Philly fan until meek started back I’m the day

  • Gcoop

    Meant to say my nigga

  • Great interview! I can’t wait to hear more music from Meek Milly! I’m over the Cassidy beef it’s weak!

  • BrandonS.

    Its really sad 2 c the whole city hatin on meek mill our 1 and ONLY FUCKING rapper shining on a major level right now! This city ain’t shit but a bunch of crabs who wanna see a nigga down and out living next door 2 them smh. Any of u bum ass niggas who woulda came up the way he did would be 100 times worst bragging and stuntin. Go get it.

  • U know what’s crazy??, how niggaz even got the energy to be hatin’ on the yungin. Meek is da truth, Cass supposed to be tryna get back in da game, not dissin another Philly nigga!! If Cass really wanna battle, his fans should tell ’em to holla at Murda Mook and stop puttin emphasis on the “that’s my man” and battle a nigga thats best in that field!! Meek, keep doin ur thing yungin!!!

  • Bigmarv

    Big doze you hit the nail on the head cass battle mook….cass use to be one of my favorites but now he’s hating worry about cass and your fam

  • Bigmarv

    Meek hot and niggas hating

  • Bigmarv

    You got to be a Philly nigga to relate to his pain…’s every man for himself but he tried to help niggas along the way real nigga…s/o to Logan 7th and rockland all my up town niggas Philly!!!! @bigmarv on twitter and Instagram

  • Yo this is the worst interview y’all ever done was you shook to ask certain questions? Like was sip wit neef buck and Chris ? Or why u only rep dream chaser records? Or was up wit ur lycrics now he clearly dont rap abt shit no more. I fucks wit meek since flamerz one but music wise he took a drop off fuck that other shit I’m talking music no material things bars……… He use to spit

  • Poppa

    Meek a fag