OBH Cypher Contest (Pick The Top 4 OBH Rappers To Rap With AR-AB In His Next Cypher)

March 30, 2013 19

OBH Cypher Contest (Pick The Top 4 OBH Rappers To Rap With AR-AB In His Next Cypher)

OBH is having a cypher contest. The top 4 rappers from the following 4 videos will win a chance to freestyle next to AR-AB, and have the video posted on various websites across the country. So AR-AB is asking for your vote, the voting poll is below.

Part 1: Stoges, Fese Mob, Razor, Stacks Reuga, Ramone Galloway

Part 2: Kylledge, Dark Lo, Wiz Lo, Newz, P-90

Part 3: Plus Tax, Lady Streets, Quiet Noyz, Lyrical, Bump J

Part 4: Auto Mac, Truth, Breezy Begets, 100 Shot Dot

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  • t2g

    My baby Darklo is the best..

  • Thurl_Ti

    My Bro Fese Mob

  • sunkiss

    Zeek but he booked

  • Jussumnigga

    nobody wanna c Razor


    I know NEWZ killed this n everything he been doing for a min. Now… #FACTS

  • ShawtyBAD

    I know my boy Newz better be n the next 1 #TEAMNEWZ

  • Dat nigga razor killed dat shit

  • MikeRls

    Ma Man P90 Went Wild

  • Aroneight

    That nigga Newz 1 thing

  • Newz , Darklo , Wiz lo , arab , & lady

  • Team bangerz

    lil cuz newz

  • Everybody Vote ” NEWZ ” .. #TeamNewz Though! $$

  • Big Fiq

    Yo Newz killed went in like a G should , he earned a spot . Holla!!!! Most H8d

  • Michelle

    Tax is that man. If you guys don’t know his work then peep this song he mixed with vampire weekend http://youtu.be/Zye5Gs9wmSY this dude deserves to win.

  • Goon

    Razor shit hot he underrated

  • O. O. O

    When do the polls close am I to late ?

  • Fromthebottle

    Gotta give a shout out to myself your my idel…. Razor got barzzzz he came from outta nowhere ab dark lo news and razor

  • 93Wiley

    Lol why quills ain’t on the list ain’t he part of OBH?

  • Mia

    Oclnewz cause he hot