Stephen A Smith Addresses Jim Brown’s Kobe Comments with Arsenio Hall (Video)

December 13, 2013 1


Last night ESPN analyst Stephen A Smith was a guess on the Arsenio Hall show and they discussed a number of things. Jim Brown sparked a heated debate when he criticized Kobe Bryant on Arsenio’s show. Stephen A. Smith came on the show to represent a new point of view, as he respectfully disagreed with Jim Brown. Check out the video below.

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  • Raynard (Sarge) Sargent

    SAS is an elitist, he’s always name dropping, bragging about who he knows (nobody cares). Then he slams after saying how much he loves and respects them. What Mr. Brown said was true, where are these so called intelligent athletes speaking out on today’s issues. Talking within your circle is one thing but expressing it for the world to hear is another. SAS blasted blacks for being angry about Trayvon Martin’s death, sounded like a corporate kiss ass when Jonathan Vilma fought back against the commissioner, and has been on the wrong side of every argument that relates to the inner city, he spends too much time hanging out with the elite (his words not mine) to understand the issues. We’ve all seen a “Soldier’s Story” and get we all are not the same and fight differently, but today’s athletes aren’t fighting at all, they may have opinions but that’s it!!!