Broadway Dice Talks his project “The Fast Lane: In Slow Motion, Performing at SXSW Reebok Classic stage & More (Video)

March 24, 2014 0


Recently during SXSW in Austin,TX HHS1987 caught up with New Jersey hip-hop artist Broadway Dice to talk about his new project “The Fast Lane:In Slow Motion”, performing on the Reebok Classic stage at SXSW and more.

Broadway Dice also took a moment to discuss how beneficial SXSW has been to him as an indie artist. Having a chance to perform and network with artist from all over, Broadway Dice mentioned why it’s important for indie artist to go to Austin for SXSW.
“It’s important coming to event like this. A lot of times coming up independently people from outside support you before your home crowd, I’ve learned that myself”.
Before concluding the interview, Broadway Dice also spoke on New Jersey’s current hip-hop scene and his upcoming new single with Dreamchasers Records own Omelly.
The interview was conducted by HHS1987’s Eldorado. The interview was shot by HHS1987’s Brian Da Director.


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