Barney Bones – Crash N Burn

February 6, 2014 0

Barney_HHS1987-500x329 Barney Bones - Crash N Burn

The paper chase is a slippery slope. While there certainly isn’t anything wrong with putting in work and supporting yourself and those around you, feelings of greed can kick in once the money starts to pile up. Suddenly, you become distant of your possessions; the Benz in the driveway seems like a Ford Focus. All of this escalates until you become blinded by your riches. But when is it too late? How far is too far? On the hi-hat heavy, electronic pounding track “Crash N Burn,” South Central’s Barney Bones warns today’s artists to avoid the temptation of selling out. Bones, a natural student of the game who defines the boundaries of Hip-Hop, holds no punches back in his desire to reveal his message to the world. Heed the words of Barney Bones and slow down before you reach the point of no return.

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