Don Von Jovi – Hard Times

April 20, 2014 0

hardtimes Don Von Jovi - Hard Times

“Hard times” was inspired by observation. Style has trumped substance in today’s pop culture. We crave the newest sneakers and follow the latest trends, but when it comes to making a real difference in the world, a lot of today’s youth tend to walk away from the challenge. We are inspired by the voices of yesterday but yearn for our own voices to be heard. We wear the faces and quotes of revolutionaries on our backs but where are the Malcolm’s and Martins of today? “Hard Times” is my voice of reason for the unheard. I’m not a preacher; instead I represent soldiers on the front line. I want young boys and girls to make educated decisions by providing them with realistic views of life. We’re facing a crumbling economy, an increasing crime rate and politicians who make headlines based on their off camera antics. In a nutshell “sh*t is real!” But for all the negativity trying times definitely make for stronger individuals. A childhood accident left me with no vital signs and comatose but somehow, someway, I was revived. It has inspired me to write my own story. – Don Von Jovi

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