Freddie Gibbs Presents: Piñata (Review)

April 9, 2014 0

Freddie-Gibbs-Madlib-500x294 Freddie Gibbs Presents: Piñata (Review)

This is Bruce Lee in Enter the Dragon. This is Steve in Tekken. This is Al Pacino in Scarface. This is Ali vs. Liston. This is Liam Neeson in Taken. This is Curtis Snow in Snow On Tha Bluff. This is Usain Bolt in Beijing. This is Heisenberg rap. This is Jordan in ‘91. This is Teen Gohan vs. Perfect Cell. This is Steve Jobs in ‘07.

Freddie Gibbs is out for blood. He doesn’t know how to pull a punch. He was that one friend that always took everything too far. The only problem is, he’s lyrically closer to The Hulk, and most other rappers are more like Aquaman. (Cocaine) Pinata is a place where scrawny little boys become angry, ruthless men. Every track is unapologetically straight out of the gutters of Gary, Indiana. Thuggin gives us vivid, blunt depictions of life as a gangster in the GI. There’s a certain artistry in Deeper, a heart-wrenching tale of betrayal and romance. We’re also treated to a very clear, very ruthless diss track aimed directly at Jeezy The Snowman. Ending the tape nicely is the title track, Pinata. What’s the Pinata? The beat, and the way everyone swings at it, there might really be a large sack of white powder inside. Even Casey Veggies spat like his career depended on it. Honestly, I would’ve preferred to hear more prominent rappers (Vince Staples, Bronsolino, Da$h…) on that track, but I can appreciate him saving a spot for a fellow Gary native.

If, by some strange and unfortunate twist of events, you weren’t aware Madlib produced this album in it’s entirety. Which explains the eagles that circle above you when you play this in your car. Every beat fits every song perfectly. This is Goku and Vegeta wearing the Fusion Earrings. Madlib creates the perfect landscape for these stories to play out. Mellow tracks like Robes which boasts a verse from Earl Sweatshirt, and Lakers, an ode to California, fit right in with much more upbeat ones like Scarface and Bomb, with Raekwon The Chef.

Those of you who haven’t heard this album yet are missing out on a huge part of life. That would be like not learning how to ride a bike until you were 20. Don’t be behind the curve. Just buy the album. How can you not? This is MLK in Memphis.

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