Vic Spencer – Boxing Grizzly Bears

March 20, 2014 0

artworks-000073986930-qbnudt-t500x500 Vic Spencer - Boxing Grizzly Bears

Vic Spencer continues to go on a lyrical spew. Back at the Grindhouse with Doc da Mindbenda working on his 7th solo album, Vic always has extra time left after he works on the album. So Vic decides to dig in the crates for 3 beats: Don’t Stop by Devin the Dude, Hold Up by Diddy & Love Today by Laws to create Boxing Grizzly Bears, a record that describes when Spencer is in the booth its the rap game attacking him due to his beliefs, his social environment & his genre of music.

It is believed that Vic Spencer is very competitive and can come off as anti-everything, he shows plenty of humor when he was asked about Boxing Grizzly Bears: “Art is the shit, man. It gets people wondering. It get the guys that have ‘panties in a bunch’ aroused. If you don’t get people to observe your art, they may not look long enough. And Boxing Grizzly Bears is exposing that. (laughs)”

Vic Spencer & Rocket project Vision Pipes is on the way.

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