Nipsey Hussle Says Themes & Concepts Of Past Music Will Remain On Upcoming Album

June 7, 2014 0

Right before performing at Summer Jam, Nipsey Hussle talked to HipHopDX about his forthcoming album. The Cali rapper says that although he is going to showcase his growth from past releases, the “theme and concept” will remain the same. “Well the songs changed, but the theme and the concept of what I’m trying do with that record it stayed the same all the way through.” He added, “I think I became a little bit better at achieving what I’m trying to do, over the course of the last year.”

When he was asked about this album compared to past projects he stated, “If you want to compare it to my projects, it’s like Bullets Ain’t Got No Names Vol. 2, the original Marathon with elements of Crenshaw in it. So a little bit of all of them three.”

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