Omarion Pens Letter To Girlfriend & His Son For Mother’s Day

May 11, 2014 0

Omarion_Pens_Letter_To_Girlfriend_And_Son Omarion Pens Letter To Girlfriend & His Son For Mother's Day
In honor of Mother’s Day, Omarion is expressing his love and gratitude to the mother of his son. Maybach O shared a letter that he wrote for Apryl Jones and one that he wrote to his son. In his words to Apryl, he thanks her for her love and support. In the letter to his son, he urges him to respect and appreciate his mother. Read both letters below.

The singer’s letter to Apryl:

I would [like] to just thank her. I would [like] to tell her that I love her, and I appreciate her for…setting aside some of her goals and aspirations to support me fully in my dreams. A lot of people like to base relationships off of time, but I really feel like when you find that special person you know that time doesn’t exist. I would [like] to tell her I love her, and thank you for putting up with me. I am a creative being, so a lot of times I can be a little difficult and a lot of pressure is put on her [but] she’s strong enough to take it. She understands the importance of respect, morality and values, and I’m just happy that I could find an equal. I love her, and I just [want] to tell her that you’re my baby and stick around.

The singer’s letter to his son:

Recognize a real queen. Your mom is strong. She’s independent, she’s understanding, she’s accepting and most importantly, [she has] the best quality any woman can have, other than discernment: the ability to be classy. I want him to know that if God gives you the opportunity to have anyone remotely close to your mom, then you are definitely blessed.

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