Portishead Calls Out The Weeknd Again For Uncleared Sample

May 6, 2014 0

Portishead’s Geof Barrow called out The Weeknd last July for using an uncleared sample. The XO singer asked to sample the group’s “Machine Gun” for his “Belong To The World” and the group refused clearance. After being slammed for the illegal use of the sample, The Weeknd stated that he didn’t sample the song and it didn’t have “enough likeness to ‘Machine Gun’ to warrant any infringement…or credit.” The issue has been further discussed since July leaving everyone to believe that it has been resolved. Yesterday, Geof Barrow spoke out again by posting a picture on Twitter with the caption, “Hey kids Part 1 of “No Infringement” with legal documents proofing The Weeknd did ask to use the song.

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