The NBA’s 2014-15 Schedule Is Out (Check Out The Big Games Now)

August 13, 2014 0

140813170813-schedule-graphic-3-pack-only.home-t3 The NBA's 2014-15 Schedule Is Out (Check Out The Big Games Now)



The 2014-15 NBA season is quickly approaching and we now know what the key match-ups will be. With the Cavs and Heat preparing to face off in South Beach on Christmas and the Lakers and Rockets set to kickoff the 2014-15 NBA season on October 28, take a look at some big games and a National TV schedule below.

OCTOBER 28: Mavericks vs. Spurs 

OCTOBER 28: Lakers vs. Rockets 

OCTOBER 29: Celtics vs. Nets 

OCTOBER 29: Bulls vs. Knicks 

OCTOBER 29: Timberwolves vs. Grizzlies

OCTOBER 29: Thunder vs. Trail Blazers 

OCTOBER 29: Wizards vs. Heat 

OCTOBER 29: Bucks vs. Hornets 

OCTOBER 30: Thunder vs. Clippers 

OCTOBER 30: Knicks vs. Cavaliers 

OCTOBER 31: Clippers vs. Lakers

OCTOBER 31: Cavaliers vs. Bulls

NOVEMBER 1: Nuggets vs. Thunder 

NOVEMBER 12: Knicks vs. Bucks in London

NOVEMBER 12: Rockets vs. Timberwolves in Mexico City 

NOVEMBER 14: Cavaliers vs. Celtics 

NOVEMBER 19: Spurs vs. Cavaliers 

NOVEMBER 28: Bulls vs. Celtics 

DECEMBER 7: Wizards vs. Celtics 

DECEMBER 8: Celtics vs. Wizards 

DECEMBER 11: Cavaliers vs. Thunder 

CHRISTMAS: Cavaliers vs. Heat 

CHRISTMAS: Lakers vs. Bulls 

CHRISTMAS: Thunder vs. Spurs 

CHRISTMAS: Clippers vs. Warriors 

CHRISTMAS: Wizards vs. Knicks 

DECEMBER 26: Celtics vs. Nets 

DECEMBER 27: Celtics vs. Wizards 

DECEMBER 31: Clippers vs. Knicks 

DECEMBER 31: Kings vs. Celtics 

JANUARY 19 (MLK DAY): Mavericks vs. Grizzlies 

JANUARY 19 (MLK DAY): Pistons vs. Hawks 

JANUARY 19 (MLK DAY): Bulls vs. Cavaliers 

JANUARY 19 (MLK DAY): Lakers vs. Suns 

JANUARY 19 (MLK DAY): Celtics vs. Clippers 

FEBRUARY 6: Heat vs. Spurs 

FEBRUARY 11: Heat vs. Cavaliers 

FEBRUARY 11: Hawks vs. Celtics 

FEBRUARY 20: Celtics vs. Kings 

MARCH 3: Cavaliers vs. Celtics 

MARCH 16: Cavaliers vs. Heat 

MARCH 25: Cavaliers vs. Grizzlies 

MARCH 29: Clippers vs. Celtics 

MARCH 31: Spurs vs. Heat 

APRIL 2: Heat vs. Cavaliers 

APRIL 10: Celtics vs. Cavaliers 

APRIL 12: Cavaliers vs. Celtics

APRIL 15: Blazers vs. Mavericks 

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