De Marcus Rashad – Conscious Sounds

July 23, 2014 74

Newest visual from De Marcus Rashad called “Conscious Sounds”.

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  • Lil Momma

    Hip hop needs artist like this. Great lyrics!

  • Hardhitta

    His lyrics are dope. He reminds me of Lupe Fiasco, Im diggin the Conscious Sounds because its different, but he saying some real shit if you listen. “I wonder if a blind man can see the hand of god.”

  • Nanesha Dove

    De Marcus Rashad is such an inspirational artist. His music is a breath of fresh air from the majority of the noise that we call music today.

  • Kayenne Nebula

    Man now of day you can’t find hip hop artist that actually have substance… Lyrics that guide you to consciousness instead of blindness… Plus straight dopeness!!!

  • Thanos Ross

    Great track! Hip hop that touches the soul is real music.

  • Shrey Day

    This brotha on some otha Otha shii !! Nice work !!

  • Shrey Day

    This brotha on some otha Otha shii !! Nice work !!

  • Adrian James

    Keep it up lil bro u a original,lyrical individual I love 2 hear music that makes you think instead of all this non sense out hea!!!!!!!

  • Janay T

    I absolutely love this track! He is so dope I love the positive vibe we need more of that! Keep it up!

  • Erron

    De Marcus Rashad is recreating and reinvigorating Hip Hop. I was beginning to think this genre of music was starting to fade from relevance. This guy is bringing a level of conscious thought to Hip Hop that has been missing for a while. I just hope listeners can adjust to hearing some ‘real’ music/lyrics after so many years of BS. This kid is going places!!

  • Jose Cano

    He’s as dope here as he is live! I hope this guy starts getting booked he deserves it.

  • Cratos

    hip hop is alive

  • Vincent Victoria

    Very profound message from a gifted young artist…

  • Ej

    Unique and very original, the lyrics are deep. You beyond your years Homie keep chasin ya dreams!!

  • Jozie Delasbour

    I love it! You’ve worked hard! Love the lyrics, the sound & the video is great!!

  • Brian McCoy

    This joint nice mane, keep pushing for greatness.

  • Bee Lovely

    Wow! What a talented artist! The chill that just ran down my spine after analyzing these lyrics are inspirational. Thank you De Marcus Rashad!

  • 13dora13

    Nothing but great things coming to and from this artist! Awesome video. I’m about to show it off ;)

  • vanity

    Hip-Hop is most definitely still alive. Great track. Not your typical sound but I love it. And the lyrics actually have something intellectual to say. Keep it coming!

  • Koko Berries

    De Marcus R. is so original. The new music of recent up coming artist don’t even compare to the message that he gives. Every rapper likes to think that their music is different from the last rapper’s, but De Marcus songs will really show an evolution that the hip-hop culture has not yet seen.

  • Leon

    repping from all the way in jamaica…love the sound..really spitting..concious vybe boy

  • Mbjames

    GREAT! !! An artist like this needs to be seen and heard more!!! Great concept and great lyrics. Cant wait to hear more.

  • Brandon

    Exactly what we need! A voice for the People!! If we knew better, we’d do better!! Keep hitting us with that FIRE! Thank You De’Marcus Rashad!

  • Kris Smith

    Epic flow. It’s dope. Keeping make that voice heard. Big up De Marcus.

  • Rob2420

    This shit is dope i see real hip hop is making its way back this is what we need keep hitting us with this hot shit De’Marcus Rashad

  • irilenia

    Loving Demarcus rashad lyrics. Lyrics will have ur mind wonder and he always spitting some real shit! This is nothin like the same shit that b out now a days. Very creative , unique , and different. Love it. Your a very talented. Everybody follow Demarcus Rashad.

  • Khayyat

    The world needs a wake up all! More rappers like Marcus here.

  • Drew

    That’s what’s up man. Keep it up

  • Kyle Blue

    The new era of conscious hip hop. Love it!

  • Heather at KPFT

    A hip hop artist like no other. His lyrics and rhyme tell the story of his journey… A journey we can all relate to. And hey… The music is great too! I loved having him on my radio show :)

  • Mohamad

    Great music fam keep doing what you do

  • dopestog

    I like this track, its amazing,we more real hip hop rappers now and days, hope he becomes big!

  • A J

    Super lyrical, super creative. This is real

  • Michele picquet

    D. I love the words they are really deep! Beautiful music and love the video!

  • Nella

    Great words!!

  • MiMi

    This is what society needs right now, TRUE hip hop that speaks words with depth. Awesome song and great performer! Love it. Creative, lyrical, deep, true, inspirational, and talented.

  • Krissydii

    I love this song! Saw him perform live and even the djs couldn’t help but feel the vibe. Too real music

  • jorge promoter

    I see you bro your next ,belive that you music is way different to find around now ,keep it up

  • A.J. Day

    A lyrical breath of fresh air and an awesome artist!

  • Love

    Love this song! Such a talented person

  • Justin

    Good stuff from D. Dude has always been very intellectual and intelligent, now just broadening it out into a different brand of hip hop.

  • Kay Miyagi

    -go head,…they are not ready for what we about to bring to the game!

  • Ro

    This guy is awesome! He’s music is greatness. :)

  • http://urbannoizeradio Mark Foster

    Like it, keep up the good work.

  • Greg C

    De Marcus is Hip Hop!! Great track

  • Brandon Z.I.G. Dugas

    My bro De Marcus Rashad is niice! … We saw him at WareHouse Live in Houston.

  • KG

    Solid, solid track. Proud of you, bro. Keep pressing forward.

  • Phyllis Hunter

    DeMarcus that is a hot track!! I love the song and the video is dope!!

  • ijeoma

    Demarcus is a deep artist. I went to school with him and never knew he had talent like this. I wish him all the best! Can’t wait to see all of his success!

  • Alexis Robbie

    Great lyrics. Hip hop need more of this now!

  • Eleanor

    Nice…love the lyrics. Keep doing you hun.

  • Edward

    It’s nice to hear real music is coming back!

  • Kristal Cherelle

    Real music! Dude is the real deal.

  • jessika

    This is great very nice

  • Chevy R.

    I dig this! The lyrics are uplifting and the delivery is so unique. Refreshing to know that there are still artists around who offer positive messages…love it.

  • http://facebook traviee

    this is dope keep it up damarcus nothing but support from me bruh

  • Jim at KPFT

    Nice flow and a great message De Marcus! I’m proud to call you my friend sir! Your work is invigorating…mind, body and soul…makes me want to do some tai chi :-)
    Keep bringin’ it!

  • Daron G

    Way to flow bro! Lyrically you are what Hip Hop has been missing and needing. We can’t let hip hop die. Thanks for sharing your gift with the world. The lovers of this genre need to know it’s still alive and well. Continue to grind and soar my brother! So proud of u.

  • Butterflyy

    OMG. This song was freaking great and thats coming from someone who doesnt listen to rap & hiphop at all!!! Keep doing what ya doin, dont change ya lyrical method!!! This is a prime example of what hiphop has lost and you are here to bring it back!

  • SocraTeez

    yes sir…strangely smooth beat…not TOO gone with the metaphors…thought it was a strong “solid” effort to break the chains of hip-hop…kewl beans!!!

  • Nikala Asante

    Love it! So happy to see hip hop with an enlightening and spiritual message!

  • J. Mayes

    Nicely done sir!!! I’ve done shows at Numbers and Warehouse live with De Marcus Rashad also on the bill. Always a solid performance. Great stage presence. One my favorite Houston independent hip hop artist by far. Keep putting in that work sir!!!

  • C.Haney

    It’s awesome to see you finally going out and living your dream, and being very good. Just don’t get comfortable man. Keep improving, keep innovating, and you’ll make your mark on this generation. Righteous work man.

  • O. Muhammad

    So creative! So artistic! A rising star!

  • Big Sean

    Someone said it best…reminds me of Lupe..dope shit..y’all go get his mixtape too!!!! Star Track!!!! Play it front to back no skips

  • Joker

    Bruh is speaking some real. Good track!

  • Deborah S,

    Absolutely loved the lyrics! De Marcus is such a breath of fresh air!

  • http://Facebook Kayleigh

    De Marcus Rashad im so proud of you. You are a inspirational outstanding on-going hip hop artists. I honestly agree with everybody the world needs someone like u that speaks the truth not the same ass bullshit everyday. Im not ganna say im your number one fan because honestly your about more the I can count but I just say congratulation and I cant wait too see how much further u go

  • Taura

    I honestly enjoyed the song and the lyrics with the song

  • Jason

    Love this video DeMarcus. Every lyric is on point, Truly refreshed by this sound and this movement. Not just a song about nothing, a thought provoking piece of music that not only grabs my ear because of the hott track and flow, but also grabs my mind by what you have to say. I look forward to hearing more and more. Keep it coming!

  • Tia

    A true lyricist! DeMarcus Rashad has a way with words that turn yricism into pure art! Look out Hip Hop, I see a bright future for this artist! We’ll definitely be hearing more from this lyrical genius. Well done, Mr.Rashad. Well done! Listen and be prepared to want more.

  • Marcel

    This is dope. THIS is real hip hop. This man has lyrics for days.

  • Brandon

    You got talent bro. The beat goes hard and the lyrics are deep. Keep at it man.

  • Van

    Talented young man with a different sound & mentality. Keep up the great work & continue to strive. He is taking music to another level.

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