Dizaster Punches Math Hoffa During Rap Battle (Video)

June 29, 2014 0

Dizaster_Punches_Math_Hoffa_At_Rap_Battle Dizaster Punches Math Hoffa During Rap Battle (Video)
Yesterday during King Of The Dot’s Battle of Los Angeles 5, Dizaster punched Math Hoffa in the face at the end of their battle. At the end of the battle Dizaster is heard saying, “Fucking waste of life. I should punch you in the fucking face right now.” Following his statement, the two go back and forth for a little before Diz swung on Math. Last year Math punched Serius Jones in the face at their Summer Madness 3 battle and Dizaster called him out about it. Both rappers took to their Twitter accounts last night to talk about the punch. See footage of the punch after their tweets.

Math tweeted:

Diz later tweeted:

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