Not Again: Cell Phone Video Surfaces Of St. Louis Police Killing Kajieme Powell (Graphic Video)

August 21, 2014 0

When will Police Officers stop killing young black men? Cell phone video footage has surfaced of the shooting death of 25 year old St. Louis native Kajieme Powell only a few miles from where Michael Brown was shot and killed. According to reports, Powell supposedly stole a soda from a local store and when Police arrived, Powell began screaming “Shoot Me” and Police officers say the young man had a knife. Did that warrant him losing his life?

As a black man here in America is it evident that the life of a black man has no value in the eyes of much of our nation. I must inform you before watching this video it is very graphic as a young man is murdered on this video. Please watch with a open mind and be aware of the World we live in. Check out the footage above.

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