Troy Ave & BSB The Breakfast Club Interview (Video)

May 29, 2014 0

Troy-Ave-Breakfast-Club-Interview-2014-HHS1987 Troy Ave & BSB The Breakfast Club Interview (Video)

Troy Ave introduces his BSB crew on The Breakfast Club. He talks about DJ’s breaking him in NYC and not doing what others advised him to do. They advised him he needs to get popping outside of NYC first. He talks about his XXL Freshmen cover, the artists he vibe with while filming the cover and more. He mentions addressing Chance The Rapper. He talks about 50 Cent calling Tony Yayo & Lloyd Banks being Troy Ave’s new hypemen. He thinks that was corny but he has respect for 50 and them. He talks about the hip hop police being on him, no plans on moving to New Jersey anytime soon and so much more.

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