Watch Knucklehead Break Down How & Why He Created August Alsina’s Smash Hit Single ‘I Luv This Sh*t’! (Video)

April 7, 2014 0


Watch below as Knucklehead break down how & why he created August Alsina‘s smash hit single ‘I Luv This Sh*t’ with The Facts Remain below! (Video) recently sat down with Knucklehead, the man responsible for August Alsina’s smash single, “I Luv This Sh*t”. The neophyte took time to sit with us to discuss the success of the record and walk us through the creative process of the hit record. The Texarkana, AR/TX native has been professionally involved within music production since 2004. His current success is the result of and a testament to hard work and dedication. Influenced by Cam’ron opening speech on “It’s Nothin” in 2006, Knuck decided to follow his dreams of pursuing a career full-time in music and dropped out of Texas Southern University.



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