Down Goes Tidal: Apple Will Reportedly Pay Drake $19 Million To Become iTunes DJ & Make Playlists

June 1, 2015 0


So much for Tidal & its exclusivity–The main artists reeling in all the dough are about to have to take a few steps backwards & pull their music & such from HOV’s newly acquired online music streaming service. First we heard of the mix-up’s with Beyoncé’s label & how her music cannot solely live on Tidal because of contracts, so it must yet again be made available via Spotify & iTunes radio. Now, Jay-Z is about to lose another battle as iTunes has approached Drake, Pharrell, & others to act as “guest DJ’s” on their revamped iTunes radio service.

According to the New York Post, Drake has been offered $19 Million to close a deal.

UPDATE: Drake & Pharrell are indeed in negotiations with iTunes to have involvement with their offer. The ridiculous offer amount of $19 Million, however, is said to be a hoax from a close source.

Jay-Z better think of something, & fast. Otherwise, all his efforts may not fall completely short, but his ultimate goal may face much adversity. We shall see, but stay tuned for more details as they surface!

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