Jay-Z Is A Business MAN: Invests In “Uber For Private Jets”

July 26, 2015 0

Screen-Shot-2015-07-26-at-2.55.33-PM-1-500x498 Jay-Z Is A Business MAN: Invests In "Uber For Private Jets"

I wonder how hard of a hit the Taxi services have taken since Uber came about. With Uber, all you do is simply download the app to your mobile device, connect your card, & after a few clicks.. someone is at your door waiting to take to your destination.

Imagine having that same luxury with a private jet, that is, if you cam afford it. Apparently Jay-Z is on to a new case of lucrative income as he’s now investing in a service called JetSmarter, which is known as “Uber for Private Jets”.

Normally you have to go through a boatload of paperwork & technicalities in order to book a private jet, but through the genius likes of entrepreneur Sergey Petrossev, any patron willing to pay an annual fee of $9,000 can receive unlimited access to private jets & fly anywhere legal & safe in the world.

JetSmarter just recently closed a $20 million series B deal with investors including the Saudi Royal Family, & our boy HOV, whom of which were already frequent users of the mobile app. POW!

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