Lil Durk Talks ‘Remember My Name’ Album, Rappers Who Didn’t Make The Album, New Mixtape With Chief Keef & More (Video)

June 4, 2015 0

lil-durk-talks-remember-my-name-album-rappers-who-didnt-make-the-album-new-mixtape-with-chief-keef-more-video-HHS1987-2015 Lil Durk Talks 'Remember My Name' Album, Rappers Who Didn't Make The Album, New Mixtape With Chief Keef & More (Video)

Due to a situation out of his control Lil Durk’s ‘Remember My Name’ concert in Philly was cancelled last night. We had the opportunity to catch up with OTF/Coke Boys rapper Lil Durk in NYC for an exclusive interview about his debut album, ‘Remember My Name.’

Lil Durk talked about not wanting to use too many features on the project. He explained working in the studio with Jeremiah for their “Like Me” record. He also added that him and Logic collaborated over social media for “Tryna’ Tryna'” due to their busy schedules. Besides them two and two others, Durk decided not to use plenty of features on his project because he didn’t want to piggy back off anyone. He explained he has verses from French Montana, Rick Ross, Meek Mill and even Jadakiss for the album but decided to keep them off.

Lil Durk went in-depth about a few records from his album. He explained that “Temperature” is one of his favorite’s off the album right now. Being as though Durk doesn’t drink or smoke, he explained why he went with a record like “Higher” for those who do smoke and drink.

Lil Durk did reveal that he and Chief Keef are currently working on a mixtape. They already have a few records recorded for the untitled project, so fans can expect that soon. When asked about his mixtape with Young Chop, he mentioned that they had to fall back because they were moving too fast. With his album just being released, expect all other projects to be released later down the line and no time soon.

When talking about his city, Durk touched up on the Drill music sound other rappers are mimicking even though they are not from Chicago. When we asked him about the violence in the city, Durk mentioned the ‘Cure Violence’ and the help of Chicago Bulls Joakim Noah making efforts to help stop the violence in his city. Dirk briefly talked about his plans for his dad when his comes home after over twenty-two plus years in jail. He mentioned he has to help him transition into the new fashion trends of today, get him an iPhone, and “get him some pussy.”

For all those who were upset by the cancellation of Lil Durk’s June 4th Philly concert, the rapper announced he would make it up to his fans.

This interview was conducted by HHS1987’s EMoney, and shot by Rick Dange.

Watch the interview below.

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