Lil Jon Talks Crunk, TVT, His Pimp Cup & More With Tim Westwood

May 12, 2015 0

Lil Jon

Tim Westwood invited Lil Jon for one of his on-air interviews where they discussed Crunk, TVT with Pitbull, working with Jermaine Dupri early in his career and of course, his famous Pimp Cup.

Lil Jon On Retiring His Pimp Cup:

When you’re constantly walking around with a cup of (hard) liquor, you’re bound to get tore up. It was time to retire the cup.

Lil Jon On TVT:

If I didn’t have that bad experience with TVT, I wouldn’t have been back in the clubs like I was.

Watch the full interview below for more on what the King of Crunk shared.

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